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The Summer that wasn’t…

Well, ‘Summer’ went by fast didn’t it. So fast no one even noticed. Not one football-in-the-park day. Not one London Fields Lido trip. Not a sniff of a tan. Alas, we can’t say it’s been a bad summer. At the start it was very good, but that was more like spring. Then it just became Autumn. Also, we’ve had fun: Bon Bon started up, LED Festival, 1-2-3-4 Festival, Hackney Regatta. Fun times. And so summer ends and the season starts again. Football is back and so is your weekend drinking.

Well, Bon Bon has been our highlight. We’ve had some great times. Not that it’s anywhere near over. Last Bon Bon on the August bank holiday was great fun. Thanks to Nwando and the hula team who came and brought a lot of fun. That ritual of ‘Who’s Got The Crack’ as the final song of the night as decreed by me seems to have stuck. If you don’t stay until the end when we play it then you just aren’t trying hard enough.

Lots to look forward to then. Including this Saturday 10th, and Saturday 24th when the wonderful Messy Fingers are taking over the upstairs rock ‘n’ roll room and generally causing trouble. Leon Hatcher from Messy Finger is responsible for our amazing visuals that are blasted onto the wall in the Ballroom at our nights and he will do a sterling job of keeping you dancing so come on down, it might be the best one yet!

As always, we will be free entry and open until 4am. We have a lot of fun. It stays busy until late so come down at any time. There is a guest list so make sure you attend the facebook event to get on it. We play indie, electro, some new rock and garage and some 80s classics downstairs. Upstairs we play rock n roll of the good old days with a good helping of surf and some original garage rock. Drinks are amazing and if you get there before 10pm it’s 2-for-1 on the cocktails (and they are strong!). There isn’t a cooler night on Upper St. See you there!!


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Bon Bon Launch Party

Well that was a pretty f**king good start wasn’t it. To those of you who came to our launch night, thank you, we love you all! To those that didn’t, you seriously missed out! But don’t worry, Bon Bon will of course be back on Saturday 30 July. Plans are already taking shape and Bon Bon II may or may not include: free polaroids, free booze, free surf lessons and a free trained live panda. More details will follow soon, but until then you can (reminisce/see what you missed) by taking a look at a few of the photos from Saturday’s shenanigans.

Photos courtesy of our lovely friends at LionsTigersRahhh.

Bon Bon loves you!!!


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Bon Bon Launch Party – Saturday 16th July

Well mes copains, the time has finally come. The very first Bon Bon party launches Islington off into the nethersphere to return anon. The Muses have been singing about us and the streets call out our name; the future is a double-ended dildo. The dichotomy of life is thus: Great new indie, electro, disco, surf-rock and some persistent classics will exist in a space of exquisite lasciviousness perpetrated by some terrible perpetrators in the Ballroom (that’s the downstairs bar and dancefloor). Whilstwhile, ascending the staircase will pertain to an otherworldly sound echoing back from the early 20th century: proper rock n roll, swing, surf, rockabilly in two beautiful vintage lounges cherrydecorated with chandalier and candelabra.

We are free, but if there is a queue then you can say you know us.  Dressing up is encouraged, we love vintage fashion, but not necessary. Looking good is. Of course, that comes naturally.

We begin at 9pm and finish around 4am. That’s the latest party on Upper Street.
It’s nearest to Highbury and Islington, but you can get from Angel in about five minutes too.
Drinks are very reasonable and the bar staff know how to make a helluva cocktail.

We even have a lovely mention on Le Cool, Le Coolest listings site in London:

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Beach Fossils – What a Pleasure E.P. Review

The clocks will soon be going forward, the sun has just popped out to purchase a new fedora and ice cream vans across the nation rev their engines.  Yes, it can only mean one thing, we will soon be basking in the warmth of summer.  And here at crumble towers we’re busy looking for what will be dominating our retro 90s ghetto-blaster for the next six months.

One band that held the accolade last year but we didn’t get round to reviewing (what can I say, we need to keeping something back for ourselves every so often) was Beach Fossils’ self titled debut album.  Signed to one of favourite American independent record labels, Captured Tracks, along with another of our favourites bands from across the pond, The Soft Moon, we were quite enamoured with their initial offering.

Where as that was more surfy and much lighter in tone, ‘What a Pleasure’ is a slightly cooler affair. As though written after the chill has returned to the coastal air, the anxious tones of a forbearing winter can be heard throughout the record but particularly on ‘Calyer’ and the two stand out tracks ‘Face It’ and ‘Adversity’.

Beach Fossils – Calyer


Beach Fossils – Face It


There are slightly more whimsical numbers on the E.P. including the title track ‘What a Pleasure’ and ‘Distance’ which add a bit more light to proceedings, but even with this the band still manage to find a sense of malaise in the tracks.   Even the introduction of fellow label mates Wild Nothing’s Jack Tatum can’t help to lighten the mood on ‘Out in the Way’.

Beach Fossils – Out in the Way (feat. Wild Nothing)


Despite being a bit more melancholy in temperament than we’re either used to or expected from our American surf artists, ‘What a Pleasure’ is still a delightful listen on a nice sunny afternoon, and even better on damp and rainy one (which is almost an inevitability as far as British summer weather goes). The band have specifically designed the last and first songs to complement each other, so that like a snake biting it’s own tail, the record can continue around again on loop.  With so many reasons to have it playing in the background at your next roof  terrace party, why have you not bought it already? Go on, the sun is about to come out!

Beach Fossils – Adversity


4 crumbles (the pleasure was all mine)



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