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Beach Fossils – What a Pleasure E.P. Review

The clocks will soon be going forward, the sun has just popped out to purchase a new fedora and ice cream vans across the nation rev their engines.  Yes, it can only mean one thing, we will soon be basking in the warmth of summer.  And here at crumble towers we’re busy looking for what will be dominating our retro 90s ghetto-blaster for the next six months.

One band that held the accolade last year but we didn’t get round to reviewing (what can I say, we need to keeping something back for ourselves every so often) was Beach Fossils’ self titled debut album.  Signed to one of favourite American independent record labels, Captured Tracks, along with another of our favourites bands from across the pond, The Soft Moon, we were quite enamoured with their initial offering.

Where as that was more surfy and much lighter in tone, ‘What a Pleasure’ is a slightly cooler affair. As though written after the chill has returned to the coastal air, the anxious tones of a forbearing winter can be heard throughout the record but particularly on ‘Calyer’ and the two stand out tracks ‘Face It’ and ‘Adversity’.

Beach Fossils – Calyer


Beach Fossils – Face It


There are slightly more whimsical numbers on the E.P. including the title track ‘What a Pleasure’ and ‘Distance’ which add a bit more light to proceedings, but even with this the band still manage to find a sense of malaise in the tracks.   Even the introduction of fellow label mates Wild Nothing’s Jack Tatum can’t help to lighten the mood on ‘Out in the Way’.

Beach Fossils – Out in the Way (feat. Wild Nothing)


Despite being a bit more melancholy in temperament than we’re either used to or expected from our American surf artists, ‘What a Pleasure’ is still a delightful listen on a nice sunny afternoon, and even better on damp and rainy one (which is almost an inevitability as far as British summer weather goes). The band have specifically designed the last and first songs to complement each other, so that like a snake biting it’s own tail, the record can continue around again on loop.  With so many reasons to have it playing in the background at your next roof  terrace party, why have you not bought it already? Go on, the sun is about to come out!

Beach Fossils – Adversity


4 crumbles (the pleasure was all mine)



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