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We we we so excited, we so excited.

I should really be doing the work that I have had to take home today, but I thought I would bring you some mid-week joy in the form of some of the latest greatest that I’ve got my ears round recently.

Firstly, Summer Camp have been biscuiting their way around the blog circuit quite a bit recently, and rightly so. They are playing at XOYO this Thursday for just £3! They have a brilliant aesthetic that you can see in their video below, like some kind of American 80s coming-of-age film nostalgia. I love the look, and the choice below is, albeit above their normal standards, one of the best songs I’ve heard in the past year, with one amazing video. Incredible. I only hope they can maintain a standard this high when they release an LP, and live.

Next up is Kurt Vile and the Violators. A great name for a hot band, who are going to have the same kind of success as Girls had last year this year, despite having been releasing music for longer. The similarity with Girls doesn’t end there, as Kurt is like a Bruce Springsteen jizzing all over any Girls track from the first album. Some tracks on the album are really square and when he sings “But I think  by now you probably think I’m a puppet to the man, but I can tell you right now that you best believe that I am.” you might question my judgement here. However, listen to this live performance of Baby’s Arms below and note the difference.

Rebecca Black. Wildcard.Superstar. Not even fit. Can’t even sing. Definitely loaded now. What a whore.

This one is from Joe Crumble, he likes it, I like it.

For a more dancey number, we have the offensively named Christian AIDS. They will be playing at the forthcoming Stag & Dagger, which, as a perinneal attendee, I wholeheartedly recommend.

A treat here for you in the form of the long-awaited Justice come-back. Justice were the sound of 2007 and absolutely made nights out back then, so here’s to hoping that they can return with just as good club music, without sounding dated. Are they still with it? This track isn’t convincing me.

Better than either of those dance tunes comes an obscure little one. Dorian Concept is an electronic artist from Austria and Oliver Thomas Johnson’s EP “Her Tears Taste like Pears” can be heard below courtesy of the soundcloud. I promise you won’t be disappointed, it’s a damn good listen.

That should do you for now.

YOWICS. Peace. xoxo

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Lots of stuff

I would just like to congratulate myself on getting a bargain denim jacket and very good leather belt from the East End Thrift Store down between Whitechapel and Mile End off the Mile End road. It’s a real un-mined glory of vintage shops because it is out of the way so you can actually get decent gear in the right sizes and reasonably priced!

Enough about clothes anyway, here is some music.

Jamaica are signed to Kitsune and I missed them a couple Sundays ago (probably for the best having broken my arm a few weeks ago) at Heaven when they were there with a stack of other amazing acts. Jamaica (used to be known as Poney Poney) are having their album lovingly produced by Xavier de Rosnay from Justice (lucky gits, that is basically a ticket to stardom right there!) and so you just know it is going to be the absolute nuts! Here is the video for I Think I Like U2:

That band are very much on the new side, but an old favourite of crumble and I am sure yourselves have a new album out. Yes, the long awaited new LCD Soundsystem album will soon be released. There may be something like a single available on Record Store Day so check that out this Friday. However, LCD have kindly released the album for our listening pleasure onto the web, much like MGMT did very recently with Congratulations shortly before it’s release and after it was leaked to the internet anyway! However, MGMT failed by doing that if you ask me because it only let me listen to it before deciding not to go and buy it (a very average album in my opinion – trying to be a bit more intelligent when they very much aren’t). James Murphy is far too shrewd to make the same mistake. This Is Happening is contrarily a very good album with a few rather dull tracks (I do not like Drunk Girls but know it goes down well live) that detract from something I am sure I will be listening to for a long time to come.

You can go and listen to the album in it’s entirety on the LCD Soundsystem website. Go, do, now.


I just want to add this link before the band become old news.
EGYPTIAN HIP HOP // Wild Human ChildbyTheArtOf…

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