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Live Review – Stay + (formerly Christian AIDS) @ The Victoria Thursday 30th June

After months of waiting, last week we finally got the chance to see what we (and now most of the mainstream music press) believe to be one of the most exciting acts to come out of the UK in a long time. Thanks to the good people at Eat Your Own Ears, The Victoria in Hackney hosted the first London performance of Stay +, the new moniker for crumble favourites, Christian AIDS. Following legal action from the chairty of the same name, the guys have had to change their name and branding a little bit, but rest assured the music is just as good as before if not better.

The whole set up of the gig was a bit weird. The room was pitch black except for the warming glow of the projector screens at the far end of the room. It felt more like an art installation than a live performance. The guys haven’t played many performances so far, I think this was something like their fourth, so they haven’t quite got a road crew set up yet and had to do most of the preparation themselves. After a little bit of popping on and off stage finally they took their places behind their macbooks, four people appeared at the front of the stage wearing ‘S’ ‘T’ ‘A’ & ‘Y’ t-shirts and the room filled with hipsters.

To be fair to the guys, they really do put a lot of thought, preparation and effort into their performance. As well as having people stand at the front of the stage for the whole show in complete silence, they also have the three projector screens for their visuals, two LED light bars that they’ve brought with them and even the little apple logos on their macbooks have been customised to look like little ‘+’ signs. Despite the fact that they haven’t got much of a budget it doesn’t stop them from putting on an incredibly impressive show.

They kicked off with one of the few tracks that have been doing the rounds on youtube, ‘Fever’. The instantly gripping intensity was built up to a mighty crescendo beautifully accentuated by the live vocals (both male and female) which I didn’t realise they would have. They rattled through the tracks (some familiar ‘Young Luv’, ‘Scum’ and ‘Stay +’ and some new) relentlesly without leaving pause for breath let alone applause. I later found out the combo behind Stay + are actually a two piece, complemented by two live vocalists. While one is taking care of the sound, the other is video editing live to the music with incredible effect. Although the format may not be particularly new, the energy of the performance is definitely original.

The weird thing is, the whole thing is like an art piece. The video editing is like their youtube clips, graphic and visceral whilst retaining an element of intellectual awareness and social comment. The effect is fantastic, but also confusing. Quite often I was caught in two minds whether or not I should be standing and appreciating or jumping around and dancing. I think what the guys need is someone to give them an opportunity to play one of their sets in a much bigger club with a much louder sound system. A pub in Hackney is fine for most bands starting out, but these guys deserve something much bigger.


I can’t really do the energy of the performance justice. And considering that they are still relatively new to performing and the they can already deliver such quality, I highly recommend you go and check them out yourselves as soon as you get the first opportunity. Unfortunately, that won’t be at 1-2-3-4 this weekend. After chatting to the guys afterwards I found out that they have unfortunately had to pull out. But fear not, crumble’s favourite band from Manchester to not be born, live or work in Manchester, are sure to reappear in the capital soon enough. As soon as we find out when, you’ll be the first to know!




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1-2-3-4 Festival Preview, Shoreditch, London, Saturday 9th July

While one distinguished member of the Crumble Mega Squad is fishing his tent out of a quagmire in a field somewhere in the South West of God’s Glorious Country (not USA), we are going to look at an altogether different festival that’s coming up in just two weeks’ time. On 9th July, Shoreditch Park (which is situated behind Hoxton Street) will dehisce and let in fuck loads of crusty hipsters. Yes, this is very much Shoreditch’s festival, it belongs to East London. That’s not to its detriment, in fact, it means that what you’ll be getting at this festival are bands at the absolute cutting edge of music, the newest and coolest bands that you will be listening to in a year’s time thinking: “Fuck, why didn’t I see these guys at 1234 rather than trying to finger that 18-year-old arts student?”

We don’t know her, but she’s sleeping and she might not notice…

Black Lips – Starting Over

Anyway, I want to alert you to the fact that, in collaboration with, you can get 1234 tickets for about a fiver less than the normal price! Additionally, this gets you in to a number of after parties which you will be wanting to go to. XOYO has Zombie Nation, Autokratz, stopmakingme, and more (which is a line up in itself!) for £6 (or free with the Noisey ticket!), Dalston Superstore has Hannah Holland, and other places such as Old Blue Last and our favourite gash-trap Catch-22 open their doors. XOYO might be the latest but Catch is pretty close and we do love Catch. FUUUUUURRRTHERMOOORE, there are some motherflippin’ PRE-PARTIES to go to too. Man, it’s a hard life. At The Shacklewell Arms (in new management and now super-cool) there will be a pre-party this very Saturday. Advert, Peepholes and French Kissing will play live and there are DJs til 3am. Not bad.

Black Lips

Black Lips are headlinging the festival, and are obviously going to be quality; be sure to wear leather or denim and grow your hair especially for the event. However, there are some other bands we want to highlight for your delight.

Damo Suzuki is a crazy Japanese guy from Can (an old krautrock band) and could well be worth catching just for some experimental, messy, insane, hard rock n roll. Lydia Lunch is some mentalist 20th century version of Laurie Anderson or something, not the most accessible music but interesting nonetheless.

Rainbow Arabia

Rainbow Arabia – Without You (Nguzunguzu remix)

Rainbow Arabia are a nice and lovely electronic singy band from “fucking L.A.” and they play quite nice electronic singy music with good drums. Worth catching. Look a bit old though; hope they aren’t trying a Ting Tings.


Nguzuznguzu are bloody excellent though!

Munch Feat. Lexx – Shottas (Nguzunguzu remix)

And check this badman out.

Nguzunguzu – Strut (Dubbel Dutch remix)


Purity Ring – Ungirthed (Christian AIDS remix)

Rave is back. More proof of which comes in the form of one of our very favourites Christian AIDS Stay+, who have had to change their name because of threatened legal action from the Good Samaritans at Christian Aid. It is a pretty offensive name, I did wonder how long it would be before it happened. However, you are going to be cutting off your foreskin to get tickets to see this band next year, mark my words. We are actually seeing them at The Victoria in Dalston next Thursday 30th June, it’s a free gig but you have to go on Ticketweb to get the tickets. They are a pretty mysterious outfit so you better get them while they’re hot. Pretty much everything Stay+ have done so far is amazing, and its got a distinct and fresh sound. Rave for the post-2 girls 1 cup world.


Nelson Grover – Awake (TWR72 remix)

TWR72 are another act reviving rave, or ‘Future Techno’ as NME dubbed it. Either way, if you come down to 1234, and like electronic dance music, the trio of Stay+, Nguzunguzu and TWR72 will keep your ear drums ringing with the sounds of 1993 for days. They are another band that Crumble hope to catch while we are there.

If it’s dirty, and messy, and raucous, then we can do business.1234 is all about finding out what’s going on in the future. Get your cheap ticket from through seetickets here, and come say hi to the guys giving flyers to any and all hot girls; the flyers will look like this:

Further mentions go to:

Babeshadow, who sound like an English version of Fool’s Gold, and are actually very nice. I’m a sucker for summer.

Two Wounded Birds, from Margate of all places. Sound like an English The Drums maybe. British Surf rock, if such a thing exists. On Moshi Moshi so you know they are legit.

Another surf rock band, that apparently started out as a joke, are Sex Beet. English version of Wavves?? Pretty good! Nice and noisy.

Peepholes – Lair (E Rock remix)

Peepholes are pretty interesting, and they are playing the warm up show this Saturday at The Victoria (see above). Check out this remix, it’s pretty great.

Their own stuff is pretty good too.

Phew! That should sort you out. So, you know where to get the tickets, where to go before, where to go after, and all the bands to see. C’est magnifique, non? Have a great time, we will.


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Christian AIDS Week

For those of you that have missed the aforementioned underground dance phenomenon from Manchester, I am not referring to the religious charitable organisation, although I’m sure their work is also fantastic. Chrisitan Aids is a shadowy producer/group from Manchester who in a similar vein to fellow mysterious Manc’s, WU LYF, don’t give any personal details, don’t really give interviews (although when he/they do they’re pretty weird), and go as far as to never fully show his/their own faces in any of their videos or pictures.
Their sound can be likened to a dark, minimal version of mid 90s ambient techno that they describe themselves as being ”Doom Wave/Creep Rave”. There is clearly an impact from the history and landscape of the area which heavly influences the music and its hard not to draw comparisons between Christian Aids’ style and the house and rave culture which developed in 80s and 90s Manchester.
The underground rave culture references are further emphasised by the homemade videos which accompany the tracks, which also include some entertaining sarcastic comment. Indeed the videos alone offer an interesting look at how youth culture is currently consuming the internet and could be said to have its own artistic merit as a social commentary.
Tomorrow marks the start of Christian Aids week, and after performing what was said to be an absolutely amazing set at The Great Escape (which included sending out a coded message to all of their twitter followers inviting them to join the on stage for their performance in Brighton) last week they should be fully warmed up for their impending performance at The Old Blue Last on Thursday as part of The Stagg and Dagger mini festival. I can’t recommend this enough, so you should all come down and join the crumble crew who’ll be raving at the back of the room sporting their favourite 90s t-shirts.
You can grab the 7” of ‘Stay +” and ‘Young Luv’ here.
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We we we so excited, we so excited.

I should really be doing the work that I have had to take home today, but I thought I would bring you some mid-week joy in the form of some of the latest greatest that I’ve got my ears round recently.

Firstly, Summer Camp have been biscuiting their way around the blog circuit quite a bit recently, and rightly so. They are playing at XOYO this Thursday for just £3! They have a brilliant aesthetic that you can see in their video below, like some kind of American 80s coming-of-age film nostalgia. I love the look, and the choice below is, albeit above their normal standards, one of the best songs I’ve heard in the past year, with one amazing video. Incredible. I only hope they can maintain a standard this high when they release an LP, and live.

Next up is Kurt Vile and the Violators. A great name for a hot band, who are going to have the same kind of success as Girls had last year this year, despite having been releasing music for longer. The similarity with Girls doesn’t end there, as Kurt is like a Bruce Springsteen jizzing all over any Girls track from the first album. Some tracks on the album are really square and when he sings “But I think  by now you probably think I’m a puppet to the man, but I can tell you right now that you best believe that I am.” you might question my judgement here. However, listen to this live performance of Baby’s Arms below and note the difference.

Rebecca Black. Wildcard.Superstar. Not even fit. Can’t even sing. Definitely loaded now. What a whore.

This one is from Joe Crumble, he likes it, I like it.

For a more dancey number, we have the offensively named Christian AIDS. They will be playing at the forthcoming Stag & Dagger, which, as a perinneal attendee, I wholeheartedly recommend.

A treat here for you in the form of the long-awaited Justice come-back. Justice were the sound of 2007 and absolutely made nights out back then, so here’s to hoping that they can return with just as good club music, without sounding dated. Are they still with it? This track isn’t convincing me.

Better than either of those dance tunes comes an obscure little one. Dorian Concept is an electronic artist from Austria and Oliver Thomas Johnson’s EP “Her Tears Taste like Pears” can be heard below courtesy of the soundcloud. I promise you won’t be disappointed, it’s a damn good listen.

That should do you for now.

YOWICS. Peace. xoxo

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