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Beat Connection + Single Launch Party 23rd May

Following on from our highlight of the amazing Christian AIDS, I have found another right little shiner for y’all.

Beat Connection are two young lads from Seattle that play lovely dreamy synth pop. Remember last year when Toro y Moi and Neon Indian made summer feel special again? These guys might do the same for you this year. Although their EP Surf Noir came out in 2010, they are releasing single In The Water this month. We all know Moshi Moshi get the coolest bands, and their excellent reputation should carry this band far! They play Stag and Dagger on Thursday AND there is a launch party at Old Blue Last with Vice that you can go to for nothing on 23rd May. We will be there; it’s a Monday, and everyone likes a gig on a Monday. They are in the UK for a little while promoting their stuff so you should be able to find somewhere to see them via their Myspace. They are playing in London four times this month alone so you definitely have your opportunity.

Such a good video! Their aesthetic is down to a T. Glo-fi dream pop bumpy summer dance music; this will be played by your resident DJs when the club night lands. One more then:


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Beach Fossils – What a Pleasure E.P. Review

The clocks will soon be going forward, the sun has just popped out to purchase a new fedora and ice cream vans across the nation rev their engines.  Yes, it can only mean one thing, we will soon be basking in the warmth of summer.  And here at crumble towers we’re busy looking for what will be dominating our retro 90s ghetto-blaster for the next six months.

One band that held the accolade last year but we didn’t get round to reviewing (what can I say, we need to keeping something back for ourselves every so often) was Beach Fossils’ self titled debut album.  Signed to one of favourite American independent record labels, Captured Tracks, along with another of our favourites bands from across the pond, The Soft Moon, we were quite enamoured with their initial offering.

Where as that was more surfy and much lighter in tone, ‘What a Pleasure’ is a slightly cooler affair. As though written after the chill has returned to the coastal air, the anxious tones of a forbearing winter can be heard throughout the record but particularly on ‘Calyer’ and the two stand out tracks ‘Face It’ and ‘Adversity’.

Beach Fossils – Calyer


Beach Fossils – Face It


There are slightly more whimsical numbers on the E.P. including the title track ‘What a Pleasure’ and ‘Distance’ which add a bit more light to proceedings, but even with this the band still manage to find a sense of malaise in the tracks.   Even the introduction of fellow label mates Wild Nothing’s Jack Tatum can’t help to lighten the mood on ‘Out in the Way’.

Beach Fossils – Out in the Way (feat. Wild Nothing)


Despite being a bit more melancholy in temperament than we’re either used to or expected from our American surf artists, ‘What a Pleasure’ is still a delightful listen on a nice sunny afternoon, and even better on damp and rainy one (which is almost an inevitability as far as British summer weather goes). The band have specifically designed the last and first songs to complement each other, so that like a snake biting it’s own tail, the record can continue around again on loop.  With so many reasons to have it playing in the background at your next roof  terrace party, why have you not bought it already? Go on, the sun is about to come out!

Beach Fossils – Adversity


4 crumbles (the pleasure was all mine)



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Free Julian Assange! crumble christmas special 18th December til 4am+

Continuing the current trend of going to extraordinary lengths to try and prevent X Factor winner ‘Fat’ Matt Cardle from helping stuff more cocaine covered fifty pound notes into Simon Cowell’s pockets, crumble has helped organise a charity single just in time for Christmas.

Following the disgraceful and totally obvious international conspiracy the CIA has launched to keep a completely helpless white haired Australian quiet, we couldn’t think of a better cause than helping raise funds to bribe a Swedish jury not to convict Julian Assange.

We’ve managed to bring together a world famous collection of artistés, who at the drop of a hat were happy to come into the studio for us.  International stars such as, Jim’ll Mix It, Jim Westwood, DJ MC Cance and the infamous DJ 1Z!

The single ‘Free Julian Assange’ (set to Jerry Dammers ‘Free Nelson Mandela’) will be released this weekend just in time to romp home to the Christmas number one spot.  To celebrate we’ll be throwing a party down at Apples and Pears this Saturday, and we won’t be stopping till at least 4am.

Mount Kimbie – Maybes (James Blake remix)

DJ 1Z has promised to put in a very special performance, so come down and get merry before Wiki Leaks reveals where Obama likes to leave his nukes and the whole world implodes.

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2010 according to crumble

So, it’s that end-of-year-lists time-of-the-year and we thought we might get involved and also give you a little preview of some things we might play at our Christmas/end-of-year show down the old Apples & Pears bar on Brick Lane next Saturday 18th December. This is going to be a very select list of the tunes which have stood out for me and for the crumble guys over a year which many have said has been lacking in good music. However, as the internet continues to dominate how we listen to music and what we listen to, the options are out there and it’s obvious that some people are still making incredible music in a ‘dead industry’. I wonder if we can even remember the stuff we listen to a month previous anymore such is the fast pace of music today but let’s have a look back over this year we called 2k10.

Early in the year we had Delorean’s Subiza released which just lived and breathed summer and beauty and magic and love and it’s definitely in my top10 albums of 2010. I will never forget the summer that could have been…

Delorean – Real Love

Another stand out track of the year was from Kitsuné signed Jamaica.

Jamaica – I Think I Like U 2 by Fantastic Plastic Mag

The most significant trend to dominate the blogosphere in 2010 was the Chillwave scene. So here are some absolute tunes that were either released or made themselves known in 2010.

Neon Indian were one of the founding fathers of chillwave and ‘Should Have Taken Acid With You’ really makes you feel that summer-daze lost America dream gaze that makes the genre so interesting.

Toro Y Moi are another of the biggest names in a small genre and their 80s synth disco feel puts you in a really happy place. ‘Minors’ is their most moving and beautiful song from debut ‘Causers Of This’. Their debut was undoubtedly one of the significant albums of 2010 for me.

Yeasayer, MGMT, Klaxons and Vampire Weekend all released pretty average studio albums compared to the likes of that which was coming from people’s bedrooms all year.

Take Baths for example. A musician through to the core, you can taste Will Weisenfeld’s heart when you listen to his music. Take ‘Hall’ for an example. The final track on Cerulean is probably his best and I will be coming back to this album again and again because it’s got a timeless innocence that only bedroom music can really create.

Another bedroom artist is Wavves’ Nathan Williams who has courted more media controversy than most of the usual suspects combined. A drugged up car crash performance at Primavera sound, a fight with Black Keys lead singer Jared, getting cliché shacked up with Beth from Best Coast and Snacks the Cat, and most recently getting arrested in Germany for carrying… surprise surprise… Marijuana. However, his raw surf punk attitude is really felt in his music which is just as carefree as his life.

‘King of the Beach’

Hot Chip made a good video and a couple of great tracks but their live performances were a bit lacking. Can’t be bothered to put their boring songs you’ve heard a million times up.

Broken Social Scene released a new album, possibly their best yet.

‘Chase Scene’

More recently, Rape Gaze/Witch House was born.

Salem – Asia (oOoOO remix)

Pantha du Prince was pretty good and this Four Tet remix is even better. ‘Stick to my Side’

Memory Tapes’ 2009 Seek Magic album was good, but crumble has been playing this Tanlines – Real Life remix by Memory Tapes on repeat at our monthly nights because it is just that good, and one of my favourite tracks of the year!

Also see Tanlines’ remix reply of Bicycle by Memory Tapes.

Love Twin Shadow’s work and he is a Movember supporter, I think. This Com Truise remix of Castles in the Snow is rather lovely.

The XX won the Mercury Music Prize, which was kinda cool, but then recently Jamie XX released this with Gil-Scott Heron:

Sleigh Bells made themselves heard with a quality album and wild live show.

Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill by morrisday

Crystal Castles released their second album and it was possibly better than their first. However, the best song they released this year might be the recently re-worked Not In Love with Robert Smith of The Cure fame.

One of my favourite songs of 2010 is Avey Tare’s solo album (Down There) opener, Laughing Heirogyphics, because it is quite simply incredible. It’s also the darkest and most depressing song on this list, but the lyrics are inspired.

Die Antwoord was pretty funny, MIA was nuts, plenty of celebs for their baps out, crumble went global, Girls got better, Justin Beiber got laid (lots of times), Christina Aguilera got a divorce, Zooey Deschanel got married to Death Cab dude, Animal Collective became the biggest band in the world, Daft Punk played on stage with Phoenix and made a film soundtrack, and nuff other people did nuff other tingzzzzzzzzzz.

Fuck Kanye West, it is not a 10.0.

Apart from countless remixes and tiny little songs from unknown artists who may never be known again, I don’t have much more music to add. Feel free to mention anything you feel I have left out, as there is plenty!

2010 was the year of the buzzband, the year of come-and-go music genres, and bloggable artists being destroyed as soon as they could gain credibility. 2010 was the year music stepped up a gear and the music industry lost control. I will try to remember it with fondness for the beautiful songs that made it a special year for music for me and the freedom and choice and accessibility that has revolutionised music as we know it.

I give 2010:

4 crumbles


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Blackbird Blackbird – Fade to White feat. Emily Reo

Another great night of new music, quiescent and vibrant, planned for all you lovely, lovely people. We will be collecting donations for our Movember team on the night so bring your pocket money for people with horrible prostate cancer.

WordPress seems to be messing about with it’s application, so you might have to copy the above URL into your browser. If you can’t make it on the night then you can donate online. It’s all to a very good cuase 😀
Remember, we love you all!
YOWICS xoxoxox

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Last Crumble…

I gave you my heart….

No thanks George, I didn’t really want it, so I threw it away. Thought you weren’t that bothered and it was just a holiday thing while we were skiing. Sorry you misunderstood me and that but I’m an ice queen didn’t you know?

Firstly, thanks to all those who came to crumble last week for my birthday! It was a reet larf and a damn good show! Lots of people came and the bar were struggling to keep people away as things were coming to a close so next month is a special treat! We will be open much later than usual, until 4am! So we are going to turn the tempo up after 12 and some guest DJs and stuff going on. Sorry for being so lazy that we hadn’t got these photos up until now. We love you all very much!

Here is Duncan’s set (or some of it) for you to have a little listen to while you take a look at some of the pictures from the night. See you all next time!

Crumble 16 October 2010 by crumblelondon

YOWICS xoxoxox

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The last crumble on 18th September went well, thank you very much. Everyone enjoyed the new upstair DJing and improved ambience. A really lovely night. More on that, and next crumble, later.

Today I want to go deeper than this is good and this is bad. I want to celebrate temporarity. Yes, love never lasts, everybody dies, all good things must come to an end. Well the same can be said for music. You either try to stay relevant or you look for something permanent. One John Peel could be the former, celebrating the fact that there are many a great new band out at any moment and you don’t need to keep harping on about Pink Floyd. The latter, the antiquarian, will say “oh, no one will ever make an album better than the white album” or “everything is just a copy of something done before”. The latter group of people miss the point.

Chillwave is the perfect example of this phenomenon, and will not be with us long. Indeed, as the cold weather comes I already feel less Toro Y Moi and more Baths. So, whilst it’s here let’s celebrate what is a fantastic form of music without irony and without cliché and without anyone mentioning ‘hipster’ or the ‘dickhead’ song from Youtube.

Neon Canyon – Libra

Less chillwave, more dark ethereal electronica with lo-fi beats. Not to be brushed aside.

Memoryhouse – Lately (Douxieme)

Glo-fi loops echo in the background with the subtlest of kick drum sounding out a pace to this slow moving female vocal song. The vocals move in tides. This definately feels like the sea and although the vocals are clear and distinct it’s definately on the verge of chillwave.

Blackbird Blackbird – Starlight feat. Steffaloo

You will find it difficult to find this band outside of hype machine and mixtapes. The kick drum keeps a slightly higher pace and Staffaloo (I presume) wails and echos all over the subtle synth soundtrack in the background. Music to kiss girls by.

Twin Shadow – Slow

This song is big hit on the chillwave circuit, and rightly so! It’s an absolute classic. It sounds like the Smiths in guitar and in vocal and that’s not a bad thing. It doesn’t have the lyrical genius of Morrissey but the lo-wave beat flops along underneath a blistering chorus of “I don’t wanna, be, believe, in love!” which should be a lot louder and in your face than it is; thus is the beautiful subtlety of this track. The album is fantastic, but this and Castles in the Snow are the hits.

Baths – Hall

The ultimate track from an album I cannot stop listening to. I listen to it approximately 1.75 times per day at present and continue to love it more and more each time. Beautiful beat driven, lush soundscapes created from the lonely places in your brain that you only go to alone or when it’s beautiful outside and you don’t mind the sharp chill of the coming winter breeze.

Small Black – Despicable Dogs (Washed Out remix)

Probably featured before, but the quintessential chillwave hit. Washed Out are chillwave by name and nature and they have remixed a fellow chillwave band to the point where it’s almost cliché. Nevertheless, it’s an absolute tune!

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