Live Review – Tom Vek @ Heaven Thursday 16th June 2011

17 Jun

An interesting turn of fate yesterday landed me with the pleasure of going to see Tom Vek. This really shouldn’t have happened but international relationships with our nation’s government intervened and created a hyperplexus large enough to mean that our fellow blogger and crumbler, Joseph, couldn’t attend. This gig sold out within minutes of going on sale, and it’s one of only five around the country that our reclusive multi-instrumentalist musician is performing.

I only caught the end of the support act, so wouldn’t like to comment on their performance too much; but they were alright. The night was all about Tom anyway. In the indie community, he is something of a demi-god, at least a legend. His first album was hailed and then he disappeared, taking five years to create this. Some think five years might have produced better, but we like it, as is already well documented.

He opened well. Playing some of the new tracks before resorting to his first album, to which the crowd got a bit excited. One reveller commented that people didn’t appear to have heard much of the new album. Perhaps it’s not been long enough since it’s release but it did seem that only A Chore from Leisure Seizure got the crowd crazy. However, the older tracks, like below’s video of Nothing But Green Lights and I Ain’t Saying My Goodbyes, were pretty popular.

The gig was good: the performance solid and the light show quite good, albeit mostly red, except for the aforementioned song, when things turned green. Tom’s voice is incredibly iconic, and sounds much more impressive than his surprisingly small stature (now with short haircut). So overall, as not the biggest Tom Vek fan in the world, I was treated but not overawed. The really impressive moment had to wait until the end, when the overarchingly standout track of Leisure Seizure was played as an encore. The video below doesn’t really do justice to the sound quality, and I was dancing, and my friend did start shaking the camera around at one point, but you have the encore in it’s entirety, and it’s quite nice.

The girl who masquerades as Tom for the first verse is actually in the video for A Chore, and it was nice to see her give us a little performance that confused a lot of people. You can hear how pleased the crowd were, and I think a lot of people really completed an ambition by seeing a man that is notoriously hard to track down. The winners of the night were his hardcore fans, of which I do not consider myself one; however, I am now definitely a fan, and it was an excellent gig.

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