‘Hooray for Earth – True Loves’ Album Review

15 Jun

Hooray for Earth are the kind of band that could go unnoticed. I don’t know what it is about music that is synth driven into outer space that makes it indistinct, but it would not be wrong to compare Hooray for Earth to MGMT, Yeasayer, Klaxons, Late of the Pier etc who all seem to disappear until a new album comes out and everyone remembers them again. All these bands are loved dearly for a short period of time and passed over to the annals. I would like to hope, for Noel Heroux’s sake and our sakes too, that this won’t happen to Hooray for Earth. However, it’s a sad inditement of music today that it’s all too transient and short-lived.

Having said that, forget all about it, max-screen this video, turn the volume up and let it wash over you.

I knew I would write a postive review of this album within about the first two minutes of the first song. The euphoric opener (Realize it’s not the sun; above) is an impressive intro to a very good (and sometimes fantastic) album. It sets the tone of space dreams and nightmares of the distant future well, and it sticks to it. Songs like Hotel show lonely, depressed element of Heroux’s personality that has been documented before. However, other key tracks (the better ones on the album) have an overwhelmingly euphoric and dare-I-say-it ‘epic’ effect. It’s like listening to a great tragedy where the love story ends in massive heartbreak but it’s so beautiful that you are glad it ended, as it would never have been important if it hadn’t.

The title track of the album (True Loves; above video) is probably the best to date, and the video really works. Like 2001: A Space Odyssey meets Yearsayer’s Ambling Amp video.

The music is huge. Layers upon layers of synth. Two vocalists. Stacks of drums and beats. I want to see this happen live in a big way, and can’t wait for them to tour here in the UK, of which there are no current plans.  They are currently touring with Architecture in Helsinki in the US, but the album was just released on 7th June via Dove Cote Records, whom I assume you will be able to buy the album from if you are in the US?

Hooray for Earth first came to my attention from their work with Twin Shadow. Twin Shadow did an excellent remix of Surrounded By Your Friends (from the Momo EP) and then they collaborated to write A Place We Like. I leave you these gifts and will probably be playing them at our new night ‘Bon Bon’ on 16th July, to be held at Albert & Pearl on Upper Street. Click for the Facebook event page and the ‘Like‘ page. Hopefully see you there!

Hooray for Earth – Surrounded By Your Friends (Twin Shadow remix)

Hooray for Earth Vs Twin Shadow – A Place We Like

4.5 Crumbles


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