LED Festival – Review

13 Jun


This weekend crumble had the enviable task of going along to Victoria Park to see what the supporting cast of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ do on their annual day trip to the capital. Yes, the London Electronic Dance (LED) Festival opened it’s doors again to those of a perma-tan disposition. Thousands congregated in one of East London’s most scenic parks to hear the likes of Zane Lowe, Calvin Harris, Skrillex and Deadmau5 pump out thumping bass line after thumping bass line, bringing with them only the three essential things you need at such an event; a pair of brightly coloured sunglasses, a tightly fitted vest top, and a friendly, non-aggressive attitude that locals definitely wouldn’t confuse with behaving like a massive c**t.


First on the agenda was Skrillex’s sets both on the main stage and in the ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ tent. To be fair to the tent, Skrillex’s set ‘indoors’ was a little bit crazier than his improvised set on the main stage. He played his pretty standard dub-step/electro/house set which the crowd appeared to really enjoy. Personally, I think he’s a very talented producer, but I wasn’t blown away by his live performance. Maybe he was just doing what any DJ would do and playing to his audience, which in this case meant playing the most main stream of sets.  I’d like to think had this gig been in an underground car park under Waterloo station, things would have been different.

Following Skrillex, the masses were treated to the crowd pleasing dub stylings of the annoyingly popular Nero. We don’t really have a lot to say about them seeing as soon as they came on we bolted for the nearest bar, but judging from Dub Step Boy’s mental dancing they were apparently quite good. Good enough it would appear to drive Dub Step Boy into a frenzy of literally acting out Lionel Richie lyrics.

The whole day was really just one big build up to the main event, Mr Rodent Head himself. To be honest, we were not too impressed. Like Skrillex before him, Deadmau5 played a set based on the lowest common denominator rather than pushing the boundaries of what people expected. Initially things looked promising with plenty of thumping beats, but sadly his set deteriorated into a rather subdued affair not helped with Victoria Park’s infamous sound restrictions. The one plus point was his absolutely amazing visuals which were on Japanese crazy anime cartoon proportions. What should have added to the music, actually ended up drawing more attention than the music itself, and probably would have given any partygoers on acid at the time the scariest fucking ride of their life. I mean a glowing mouse headed man with massive green tentacles. Fuck that!


The surprise of the festival was definitely our visit to the Kopparberg cube. On entering two things quickly became apparent. Firstly, people fucking love drinking sweet cider in the sun. Secondly, the best music being played that day was probably in the Kopparberg cube. Seriously, we actually had a really good time. Who doesn’t love a bit of Roy Orbison, Blondie and Outkast on a sunny afternoon? Throw in a bottle of sugery cider pop and you have one sweet party.


In conclusion:
– Deadmau5’s visuals are incredible, but not for epileptics
– Dubstep can propel people to achieve amazing feats, from inspirational dance moves to literally dancing on the ceiling
– Sugary cider pop and summer festivals, not suprisingly, go quite well together


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