The Soft Moon – Live at The Lexington 11/05/11

11 May

I’ve waited a long time to see old Luis work his magic on the stage and last night at The Lexington The Soft Moon made their UK debut. What I was expecting I don’t quite know, but after eight months wait, I just hoped it wouldn’t be a massive fucking let down.

Support was provided by Mafia Lights and The First Loves. Unfortunately we missed most of Mafia Lights set, but from what we heard thats probably for the best. The First Loves were a pretty good choice to line up next to The Soft Moon. The London based outfit could be described as solid post-punk/new wave revivalists, retaining the classic high tempo bass driven rhythms and ably commanded drum loops. Whilst not terribly original they did a pretty good job of sounding like they just arrived in a Tardis from early 80s Lancashire.

At times it seemed like they were maybe trying a little too hard to be the next Interpol, when settling for the a slightly better version of the Editors would be more achievable. As long as they stick to the more up tempo stuff they should be worth watching in the future.

As the stage was being prepared for the main event I was pleased to see that the band had managed to bring a little bit of San Fran with them in the way of what I assume to be the former roadie of the Grateful Dead or former WWE wrestler Mick Foley.


And finally, the band themselves. The long and short of it, they were fucking fantastic. All the tracks sound a little more special live, and the groups abandonment of standard lighting for digital video back drops and smoke machines gave the feeling like you were watching some sort of 60s New York art house performance even if this was at the expense of being able to get a good photo of them.


Luis even had time to play an encore of a new track, although after questioning he admitted that the song was actually Phantoms, a B-side from the release of ‘Breathe the Fire’ (cheeky little Luis). When I asked where he thought the band would go from here considering the last album was based on tracks he’d written a decade previous, Luis casually explained he would just have to go much deeper. Fortunately for him, California is not short of a specialist or two in regression.

We haven’t got any live footage from the gig, but here is a video of the guys performing in L.A. earlier this year.


It was excellent seeing Luis and the band in fine form, and judging by the female attention he got after the gig, I’m sure we’ll be seeing him on these shores again. I personally can’t wait and hopefully he’ll bring with him  some fantastic new material.


Joe xoxo

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