The Very Best – Supermom Mixtape FREE download

08 May

The Very Best are very good. The guys from Radioclit (remember the electro house DJs that were quite big a few years ago) really got into African music a little while back, and it’s been great news for us since then. The first The Vest Best album with Esau Mwamwaya (who was a second-hand furniture seller at the time) was great. They covered all the indie hits like MIA, Vampire Weekend etc. and turned them into West African happy-tracks. Esau hails from Lilongwe and adds his vocals to Radioclit’s African back track. Last year they released Warm Heart of Africa, an original album that was a joy. They also put on an African music club night called Secousse that often touches London at the Notting Hill Arts Club; we haven’t been but I have been meaning to go for as long as I’ve known about it. We are big fans, if you don’t know them already then go here or click the picture below, download the free mixtape, and have a great summer.


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