Metronomy – The English Riviera Review

14 Apr

Metronomy’s new album has arrived. We love it.

A few things have changed for Metronomy since ‘Nights out’ in 2008. Gabriel left the band to focus on fronting Your Twenties and a new line-up have emerged. Of course, Joseph Mount remains in charge, but the rather lovely Anna Prior has been drafted in on live drums, and bassist Gbenga Adelekan has joined in.

The sound has changed too. Some reviewers said Nights Out sounded like a second debut album after Pip Paine (pay the £500 you owe) and it seems now that Metronomy have managed to pull a third debut out of the bag. With melodic synths and some wonderful guest vocals from Roxanne Clifford on ‘Everything goes my way’, the whole thing slots together nicely.

Apparently the artwork is an image from an actual ‘English Riviera Tourist Board’ poster Joe Mount saw once. The album opens with sounds of the seaside washing over the headphones with forlorne strings and bass easing us into things. Although they retain elements of the “spiky synth, wonk-pop party band” once described by Joe Mount, building to a creshdo for the finale ‘Love Underlined’,  Metronomy are also more chilled and more melodic.  This album is a treat for any summer day.

The video for ‘The Look’ is great:

On a seaside theme, click here for culturally enriching things to do in Margate.



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