Lyle and Scott presents: Summer Camp, Wilder, Boy Mandeville and Ice Black Birds 31/03/2011

01 Apr

This is the second Lyle and Scott event that crumble has blogged on now and would, contrariwise, like to congratulate them on a markedly better night than the previous one with Clock Opera. Not only do the headliners Summer Camp simply play better music than Clock Opera, but I also got two free drinks! Sadly, because my camera’s battery is worse than useless, there are no pictures or proof of me having attended the actual event. I could be lying, but I ask you to take my word for it.

The first band, Ice Black Birds, were pretty forgettable. A decent performance by a good band but a terribly boring sound in my most humble and unworthy opinion.

The second band of the night, however, were better. Boy Mandeville are a decent act. They play a kind of tropical guitar, afrobeat style as made popular by Vampire Weekend and they do it well. Highlights include the most nonchalant drummer I’ve ever seen, whom was practically shrugging off the beats and acquiescing to the rhythm rather than actively trying. A good performance by a good band that sadly lack originality and have many other very similar sounding bands around the might be better (see Fool’s Gold). Worth seeing live, but don’t go buying anything they’ve released.

The performance was drastically marred by the appearance of the most annoying revellers in perhaps the city, let alone XOYO. I was first alerted to the presence of this garbling group of losers because they appeared to be having fun. I was mistaken by my initial impression. It wasn’t fun. The reality of going out with probably colleagues and getting drunk and trying to get off with chicks you work with is not pretty. It’s desperate, lame, and awkward.

Wilder – Skyful of Rainbows

The next act, Wilder, were definitely a quality act. They look right, they sound good, everyone performed very well. They have a female drummer, which is +1 kudos, the keyboard player kept detaching himself from his instruments to bang on a big drum with two big drumsticks, which is always nice to see (+1 kudos), and the best thing about the whole performance was the lead singer’s facial expressions (+2 kudos) which gesticulated and overexaggerated every line of the song. Expressive. However, Wilder suffer from a similar affliction to Boy Mandeville in that they also have a done-to-death sound and, further, are about three years too late to get on the indie-electro boat to nowhere. Again, much better in their live performance than in their actual sound; I don’t expect them to gain much more success than someone like Hockey, and they won’t get to Late of the Pier standards.

It was probably during this band that one adult male from the crowd of hell-spawn started to stand out. He was so annoying I wanted to tear my eyes out and throw them at him. His arms kept going up in the air dancing away, hugging his mates, leering around and girating in the general direction of the nearest semi-attractive girl he knew. He was so annoying I had to leave the general area quick-sharp and go get another drink.

Summer Camp – Ghost Train

The final, headlining, band, Summer Camp, were excellent. They make very good music that’s relevant, original, and has hooks to die for. Their performance last night was also excellent. The female lead is great; attractive, wore a nice dress, can really sing, and engaged with the crowd. She asked us to all blow on each other at one point, it being really hot, and so we did. She even realised when she had said something that sounded a bit lame and quickly moved on with skillz. The band also screened an impressive amount of vintage photos onto the back wall which complimented their consumate image as seen in previous video/song posts earlier this week. They were so good my +1 even bought the EP, Young, which is really quite good. The only, and this is minor, criticism, is that they opened with their best song, Round the Moon, but that’s it.

I tried very hard not to let the interloping group of groundlings spoil my enjoyment of this band. However, one highlight was a girl giving the most-annoying-guy-in-the-world the middle finger when he tried to talk to her or something. Just desserts for dancing around like it was a trance concert in the 90s.

4 crumbles

A good gig with great music, tarnished only by some rather annoying members of the public.


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4 responses to “Lyle and Scott presents: Summer Camp, Wilder, Boy Mandeville and Ice Black Birds 31/03/2011

  1. Scott

    April 7, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    I’m not certain a direct comparison between Boy Mandeville and Fool’s Gold is legitimate (or, for that matter, Vampire Weekend). To be sure, all three bands derive a significant portion of their musical influences from ‘African’ popular music, particularly from the 70s onwards, but their sources are varied. For instance, a large proportion of Fool’s Gold’s latest new record sounds closest to so-called Nomadic/Saharan Blues artists such as Etran Finatawa or Ali Farka Toure. Whereas Vampire Weekend squeeze the sponge (though with significantly less vigour) of the South African also grabbed by Paul Simon (the sound epitomised on the Indestructible Beats of Soweto collections). Boy Mandeville, although closer geographically to Vampire Weekend’s sources, appear to lift rhythms and guitar lines more from Zimbabwean jit-jive and Congolese high-life. So, although one may think the three bands similar in the action of incorporating ‘African’ genres into the American and English music scene, it is only a deaf ear that will not hear the differences.

    • crumblelondon

      April 9, 2011 at 4:44 pm

      I think you’re right Scott. I didn’t mean to give an in-depth analysis of African music but to compare the band to everything else that is around. I don’t think there is that much room for African influenced indie music to sound original anymore and, therefore, the band will struggle to stand out in the current market. I wouldn’t call it deafness, but you could probably accuse me of ignorance quite justifiably. But that’s my prerogative.

  2. Mike

    April 1, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    What a load of pretentious balls. If you don’t like people then you’re probably not the nest person to review gigs. I suggest you find a dark room and lock yourself in it

    • crumblelondon

      April 2, 2011 at 12:16 pm

      Thanks Mike! We really appreciate your feedback.


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