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Animal Collective ATP Mix

My wonderful friends in Animal Collective have put a mix together of the stuff you could hear if you are going to the Animal Collective curated ATP Festival in May this year. So far, I am not, and I am very upset about it. If anyone wants to give me free tickets, then I am in! The mix below includes the best song ever created: Fireworks by AnCo. Enjoi.


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We we we so excited, we so excited.

I should really be doing the work that I have had to take home today, but I thought I would bring you some mid-week joy in the form of some of the latest greatest that I’ve got my ears round recently.

Firstly, Summer Camp have been biscuiting their way around the blog circuit quite a bit recently, and rightly so. They are playing at XOYO this Thursday for just £3! They have a brilliant aesthetic that you can see in their video below, like some kind of American 80s coming-of-age film nostalgia. I love the look, and the choice below is, albeit above their normal standards, one of the best songs I’ve heard in the past year, with one amazing video. Incredible. I only hope they can maintain a standard this high when they release an LP, and live.

Next up is Kurt Vile and the Violators. A great name for a hot band, who are going to have the same kind of success as Girls had last year this year, despite having been releasing music for longer. The similarity with Girls doesn’t end there, as Kurt is like a Bruce Springsteen jizzing all over any Girls track from the first album. Some tracks on the album are really square and when he sings “But I think  by now you probably think I’m a puppet to the man, but I can tell you right now that you best believe that I am.” you might question my judgement here. However, listen to this live performance of Baby’s Arms below and note the difference.

Rebecca Black. Wildcard.Superstar. Not even fit. Can’t even sing. Definitely loaded now. What a whore.

This one is from Joe Crumble, he likes it, I like it.

For a more dancey number, we have the offensively named Christian AIDS. They will be playing at the forthcoming Stag & Dagger, which, as a perinneal attendee, I wholeheartedly recommend.

A treat here for you in the form of the long-awaited Justice come-back. Justice were the sound of 2007 and absolutely made nights out back then, so here’s to hoping that they can return with just as good club music, without sounding dated. Are they still with it? This track isn’t convincing me.

Better than either of those dance tunes comes an obscure little one. Dorian Concept is an electronic artist from Austria and Oliver Thomas Johnson’s EP “Her Tears Taste like Pears” can be heard below courtesy of the soundcloud. I promise you won’t be disappointed, it’s a damn good listen.

That should do you for now.

YOWICS. Peace. xoxo

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Beach Fossils – What a Pleasure E.P. Review

The clocks will soon be going forward, the sun has just popped out to purchase a new fedora and ice cream vans across the nation rev their engines.  Yes, it can only mean one thing, we will soon be basking in the warmth of summer.  And here at crumble towers we’re busy looking for what will be dominating our retro 90s ghetto-blaster for the next six months.

One band that held the accolade last year but we didn’t get round to reviewing (what can I say, we need to keeping something back for ourselves every so often) was Beach Fossils’ self titled debut album.  Signed to one of favourite American independent record labels, Captured Tracks, along with another of our favourites bands from across the pond, The Soft Moon, we were quite enamoured with their initial offering.

Where as that was more surfy and much lighter in tone, ‘What a Pleasure’ is a slightly cooler affair. As though written after the chill has returned to the coastal air, the anxious tones of a forbearing winter can be heard throughout the record but particularly on ‘Calyer’ and the two stand out tracks ‘Face It’ and ‘Adversity’.

Beach Fossils – Calyer


Beach Fossils – Face It


There are slightly more whimsical numbers on the E.P. including the title track ‘What a Pleasure’ and ‘Distance’ which add a bit more light to proceedings, but even with this the band still manage to find a sense of malaise in the tracks.   Even the introduction of fellow label mates Wild Nothing’s Jack Tatum can’t help to lighten the mood on ‘Out in the Way’.

Beach Fossils – Out in the Way (feat. Wild Nothing)


Despite being a bit more melancholy in temperament than we’re either used to or expected from our American surf artists, ‘What a Pleasure’ is still a delightful listen on a nice sunny afternoon, and even better on damp and rainy one (which is almost an inevitability as far as British summer weather goes). The band have specifically designed the last and first songs to complement each other, so that like a snake biting it’s own tail, the record can continue around again on loop.  With so many reasons to have it playing in the background at your next roof  terrace party, why have you not bought it already? Go on, the sun is about to come out!

Beach Fossils – Adversity


4 crumbles (the pleasure was all mine)



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Tensnake – Coma Cat (Round Table Knights Remix)

Crumble went to the Dollop / Trailer Trash warehouse party on Scrutton Street at the weekend. Sinden, Hannah Holland, Dollop and Trailer Trash DJs. It was a really fun party. It sounded like above, and it looked like below.

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Blondes – Lover video


Here is the video for an older song, but still very good, Virgin Pacific, because this vodpod plug-in does not seem to work after all. If anyone know how to embed Pitchfork videos to WordPress please let me know. xoxo

If this works, it is an incredible video from one of my favourite artists. Saw them a while back support Crystal Fighters and, although already sold, I was blown away. This video is just mesmerising! If it doesn’t work her I suggest you follow the link here to Pitchfork where you can watch it full screen and be totally sucked into her beautiful, weird, morphous face.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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