Le Corps Mince De Francoise – Love and Nature Review

27 Feb

Emma and Mia Kemppainen have been around for a few years now.  Wildly tipped to be the biggest thing out of Finland since the Nokia 3210 (we all had one right?!) back in 2007, the heyday of new-rave, its taken the girls a while to finally get an L.P. out into the market. Although they’ve had a lot of hurdles and a line-up change along the way,  ‘Love and Nature’ is the final realisation of LCMDF project.

LCMDF – Take Me To The Mountains


The album is a mix of tracks that the band have already released previously and some newer material, and like a running commentary on musical trends over the last couple of years, the girls style evolves throughout the album. ‘Take Me To The Mountains’, ‘We Are Cannibals’ and ‘Something Golden’ particularly embody the female led electro pop sound similar to CSS and Le Tigre which was so rampantly popular when the girls first started recording.

Elsewhere on the album on ‘Beach Life’ and ‘Cool and Bored’ the girls try their hand at the chillwave and surf sounds that were everywhere last summer, where as tracks such as ‘Time (Have I Lost My Mind)’ and ‘Future Me’ draw heavily on mid 90’s US RnB based pop which may yet prove to be the sound of this summer.


The best of LCMDF is actually last track on the album, ‘Pumping Heart Shaped Thing’.  Left almost ashamedly at the end of the album and opening like a Girls Aloud cover, initially it sounds like filler. But when the bass drops the song transforms into some sort of pop version of garage crossed with jazz.  Its kinda mental and really fun.  Hopefully they’ll keep working on this sound as it could quite possibly be both the future of electro-pop and their own niche sound.

LCMDF – Gandhi


Regular readers may recall that I recently wrote a scathing review of The Naked and Famous a couple of months back attacking them for being audio thieves. In many ways LCMDF likewise draw heavily on other artists and they both have a similar electro-pop sound. But unlike The Naked and Famous LCMDF actually bring something of their own to the table. If their sound is a commentary on musical trends over the last few years, their lyrics are like a social commentary of the same period. In all of their songs you’ll see their slightly irreverent yet effective use of language to convey all the issues that plague the lives of twenty somethings the world over, being skint, wanting to fuck and looking cool.


OK, so they might  be a bit poppy and you’ll probably be bored of them by September, but who gives a fuck?! This band is probably gonna be the soundtrack to my summer and I’m gonna have a fucking great summer, so either get on board or fuck off, there is no room for passengers on my Caligulan free love boat.

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