Curated by Lyle and Scott – Clock Opera Live @XOYO Review

24 Feb

We’ve been following the progress of Guy Connelly’s side project for a while now, and it finally looks like the East London based singer songwriter is starting really make waves.

We caught up with Clock Opera last night as they headlined Curated by Lyle and Scott at XOYO before jetting off to Texas to suck the cocks of the A&R men of Austin.

Supporting them were Manchester based electro-pop outfit May68. Their sound is full of heavy synth riffs and bass hooks headed up by the northern equivalent of Karen O. Compared to the band before them (who shall rename nameless as they were that forgettable) they were a welcome relief. To briefly sum their sound and image, imagine The Gossip if Beth Ditto ate the occasional piece of lettuce, thats pretty much them.

Clock Opera themselves were markedly better than their support, however suffered from the terrible sound system, a problem which the venue still struggles with. ‘Piece of String’ and ‘Once and For All’ got their small but growing legion of fans moving yet failed to move your faithful narrator. Indeed, they will struggle to progress beyond a midi version of Athlete or Snow Patrol without expanding on the bands current straight jacketed sound.

I think the trip to the US will definitely benefit them, buts let’s just hope that Guy finds some Jim Morisson-esque inspiration to match his beard.

I still have high hopes for Clock Opera and i’m pretty sure that with the talent that Guy and his fellow band members obviously have at their disposal the band will make good on their potential in the future.

James & Joe


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