Art: Wanksy – Physical Graffiti Review

21 Feb

Artists have been fascinated by sleeping for centuries.  From Vermeer to Van Gogh, Renoir to R Kelly, many have explored the strange period whilst we are in between normal consciousness.  Now an exciting young performance artist, Wanksy, is giving a new take on the subject in his most recent exhibition by bringing a most unusual, yet quintessentially relevant medium to the fore: himself.

Some may be familiar with Wanksy’s previous works such the critically acclaimed ‘Balance’.  According to the artist, the piece represents a world  ‘where everyday items such as beer cans and Mr Muscle are used to emphasise the importance of a balanced and clean lifestyle’.

Many of Wanksy’s pieces have strong political narratives at the core. ‘Urban Decay’ symbolises the deindustrialisation of much of urban Britain, and ‘Blame Boris’ is a clear attack on London mayor Boris Johnson’s transport policies.

Wanksy is also comfortable using familiar settings for some pieces, as in ‘The Missionary’, which is a commentary on both conformity to tradition and the emergence of feminism replacing male domination in society.

In his most recent exhibition, Physical Graffiti, Wanksy has broken new ground adding extra elements to certain pieces for dramatic effect.  This is clearly demonstrated in ‘Tescopoly’, where the artists has used his own vomit and a plastic carrier bag from a major supermarket chain to give weight to his critique of consumerism in contemporary culture.

Wanksy will be holding regular performances most Saturday nights throughout February and March in McDonalds car park off Commerical Road in east London.

5 crumbles (forbidden apple crumble – Eat it and you will know where God left the remote)

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One response to “Art: Wanksy – Physical Graffiti Review

  1. Maccie

    February 25, 2011 at 6:52 pm

    This is even better with the picture of apple crumble hiding Paul Ward’s identity. I can understand why Paul Ward of Wapping would want to remain anonymous, for if Paul Ward’s employer in Witham, Essex saw this, they would probably sack Paul Ward.


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