Happy Valentines – Have some song.

14 Feb

Do you ever feel like everyone is pissed off at you? You probably did something wrong; disregarding regular norms of morality and having fun instead. But don’t think that means they will forgive you. They won’t. They will never forgive scum like you for being down right darstardly on a Tuesday morning, spunking off work, literally, having fun, taking drugs and/or copulating. These are the things people will never forgive you for.

What I’m trying to say is: maybe that’s what you should be doing. Everyone making money is doing it, everyone making music is doing it. So I have some songs which transcend normal values and reach into that fucked up haze you always have on a Saturday morning at 5am when you should be in bed. Or, just plain good songs to everyone else.

First up is DOM, an American band that just exude summer fun and with the good weather in London lately you can really get excited about summer with this amazing song. They are a little hard to find and you might think ‘isn’t this that band that did that song from The Hills?’ but they are just cool enough to be nothing like that band (can’t remember their name!). I want to see them live but they don’t seem to have any UK tour dates any time soon. Maybe I will email them personally. Get ‘Sun Bronzed Gods’ here.

Dom – Living in America

Now are a much loved band I needn’t say much about: Toro Y Moi. They latest stuff might sound a bit less lo-fi than any of their fans expect but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t sound seriously chilled and blissed and everything else summer music wants to be. It’s summer in my head.

Toro Y Moi – New Beat (from forthcoming EP Underneath the Pine released February 22)

Another Canadian band (see Tearjerker review) that we haven’t yet featured are Destroyer. Destroyer are a bit different. They are kind of like lounge music for the indie generation. They are unbelievably relaxing and make you happy, happy, happy. But don’t let the almost-too-chill sound bother you, relax into this album and you will find it rewarding and beautiful. When the albums surprises you with the female vocals in Suicide Demo for Karen Walker you realise that the band want to reward you for your patience. The opening of the album is not the best but as I said it’s a long burner. Pitchfork gave Destroyer a Best New Music but then, they did the same for the latest Cut Copy album which we panned.

The next is a bit old. Dan Deacon is some weird fat guy with glasses. He makes kinda 8-bit music, but it’s indie and it’s quite good. Sort of like Animal Collective on loads of ecstacy. This performance of an incredible song is also mental, stick with it. Find the album. It’s ace.

I am also well excited about two albums coming out soon. Most immediately, Radiohead’s new album has been announced and will only cost £6 on their website. Get in. The other is Panda Bear’s long awaited new album, being released in April some time. His latest song ‘Last Night at the Jetty’ is brilliant. Listen below.

Enjoi. Love y’all. Crumble night coming soon at a new venue and shit. Patents pending. Been wrong so many times before, but never quite like this. Enter through the exit, and exit through the entrance.

YOWICS xoxoxoxo

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