The Veils – Trouble of the Brain Review

09 Feb

The Veils - Trouble of the Brain

Can you remember the plain girl from your class in secondary (thats ‘high’ to those from the bad side of the Atlantic) school.  She was really smart, always really nice and clearly had a crush on you, but you never gave her any attention because you didn’t think she was pretty enough.  In hindsight she deserved better.

Well thats kinda what The Veils are like.  They’re always around, usually with some really good songs but they just don’t ever seem to get any attention.  Always the bridesmaid never the bride.  Well in a bid change that they’ve parted company with Rough Trade and set up there own little indie label, and if the ‘Trouble of the Brain’ E.P. is anything to go by, it may have been a great move.

''Didn't I go to school with her? Damn, girl got pretty and shit!''

Opening track Bloom is a fantastically springy number that practically pulsates with as much energy as a Duracell bunny, but the atmospherics of Joy Division.  Wishbone has a much deeper blues-ey folkey tone to it, like a carefully airbrushed Black Keys.

The Veils – Bloom

The Veils – The  Wishbone

Grey Lynn Park and Us Godless Teenagers are much more sombre and touching than earlier tracks, with the E.P. climaxing with the eerily harrowing Iodine and Iron, taking the listener to depths unexpected only a few tracks earlier. This of course is a skill Finn Andrews fans will be all to aware of and lets just hope there is more of this to come.

You can see Finn perform an acoustic version of Bloom in Bar 1001 off Brick Lane from last year here…

By the way, I saw that girl from school the other day…  she was banging.  Bet you wish you’d paid more attention now, don’t you?!

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Joe xoxoxo

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One response to “The Veils – Trouble of the Brain Review

  1. Mr. Shuffleupagus

    February 17, 2011 at 10:18 am

    “Bloom” is my Swell Tune today:
    It’s like a Joy Division LP at 45rpm.


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