Cut Copy – Zonoscope Review

25 Jan

At least the album art is good.

I would like to say, having listened a number of times to Cut Copy’s leaked Zonoscope, that it’s a resounding return to form for a well respected indie-electro act of the past five years or so. However, that is not the case.

The album begins intriguingly enough with ‘Need You Now’ but the lyrics are totally uninspiring and the song quickly gets quite dull. It’s like a bad attempt at an LCD Soundsystem track. The vocals are just not interesting and the sound is old and tired. Until a tiny little vocal sample comes in at around 4:45 the song is decidedly average.

So hopefully it’s a slow builder, right? Cut Copy have better judgement than putting the hits at the start and making the second half of the album boring, right?

Onto the second song. Interesting, some kind of tropical guitar rhythm like a 10CC song from the 80s or something. Are they doing something interesting here? No. They aren’t. The song is piss poor and bored the shit out of me. Towards the end it attempts some kind of Delorean dreamy whine vocals but they are a very poor attempt to redeem a bad song. At the end they even mimic Animal Collective with a dreamy outro/mix into the third track type sample thing.

Into track three and what’s this!? Velvet Underground – Waiting for the man???? Well, for a few seconds anyway, then it goes into The Wonder Stuff or something, some sing along pop shite. Stolen, boring, old, and not even good at that! By this point you have heard a pop covers album and you are starting to think maybe you downloaded the wrong album but SING ALONG KIDS!

Track 3. Where I’m Going.

“Take my hand cos I know what you’re going throuhg, at the time and I know where you’re going. Aaaaaaaah!” – generic lyric after generic lyric after woop after generic lyric.

Even the Tame Impala break down can’t save this album now.

So, by this point I had decided it sucks and probably wasn’t going to like it, unless they really pull it out of the bag in the second half of the album. However, I realised that these are the hits. These are the best songs. These are what we might hear at the club, on the blogs, and hopefully what will be remixed the shit out of until it resembles a good song.

In Pharoah’s and Pyramid’s you have the only half decent bit in the album at 3:35 when a disco synth comes in to enliven an otherwise boring track, but I can’t even be bothered to hit you up for that track because it’s otherwise pretty boring.

The rest of the album drones on without much of interest and I find it ironic that they named their Animal Collective intro into generic indie riff plus sample in the background track 7 is called “This is all we’ve got” because, it’s true. What happened to the Cut Copy of In Ghost Colours I ask, I hear you ask. Indeed, what happened? Not only have Cut Copy managed to sound less progressive than their previous album, they have delivered no Hearts of Fires, no Going Nowhere and if I were a huge fan of the band I would be pretty disappointed. The production is good, it’s just a shame it’s a shit album.

PS. I am not just saying this to be controversial. I tried to like it, I really tried!

2 crumbles

(totally unremarkable)

YOWICS xoxoxox

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