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Cut Copy – Zonoscope Review

At least the album art is good.

I would like to say, having listened a number of times to Cut Copy’s leaked Zonoscope, that it’s a resounding return to form for a well respected indie-electro act of the past five years or so. However, that is not the case.

The album begins intriguingly enough with ‘Need You Now’ but the lyrics are totally uninspiring and the song quickly gets quite dull. It’s like a bad attempt at an LCD Soundsystem track. The vocals are just not interesting and the sound is old and tired. Until a tiny little vocal sample comes in at around 4:45 the song is decidedly average.

So hopefully it’s a slow builder, right? Cut Copy have better judgement than putting the hits at the start and making the second half of the album boring, right?

Onto the second song. Interesting, some kind of tropical guitar rhythm like a 10CC song from the 80s or something. Are they doing something interesting here? No. They aren’t. The song is piss poor and bored the shit out of me. Towards the end it attempts some kind of Delorean dreamy whine vocals but they are a very poor attempt to redeem a bad song. At the end they even mimic Animal Collective with a dreamy outro/mix into the third track type sample thing.

Into track three and what’s this!? Velvet Underground – Waiting for the man???? Well, for a few seconds anyway, then it goes into The Wonder Stuff or something, some sing along pop shite. Stolen, boring, old, and not even good at that! By this point you have heard a pop covers album and you are starting to think maybe you downloaded the wrong album but SING ALONG KIDS!

Track 3. Where I’m Going.

“Take my hand cos I know what you’re going throuhg, at the time and I know where you’re going. Aaaaaaaah!” – generic lyric after generic lyric after woop after generic lyric.

Even the Tame Impala break down can’t save this album now.

So, by this point I had decided it sucks and probably wasn’t going to like it, unless they really pull it out of the bag in the second half of the album. However, I realised that these are the hits. These are the best songs. These are what we might hear at the club, on the blogs, and hopefully what will be remixed the shit out of until it resembles a good song.

In Pharoah’s and Pyramid’s you have the only half decent bit in the album at 3:35 when a disco synth comes in to enliven an otherwise boring track, but I can’t even be bothered to hit you up for that track because it’s otherwise pretty boring.

The rest of the album drones on without much of interest and I find it ironic that they named their Animal Collective intro into generic indie riff plus sample in the background track 7 is called “This is all we’ve got” because, it’s true. What happened to the Cut Copy of In Ghost Colours I ask, I hear you ask. Indeed, what happened? Not only have Cut Copy managed to sound less progressive than their previous album, they have delivered no Hearts of Fires, no Going Nowhere and if I were a huge fan of the band I would be pretty disappointed. The production is good, it’s just a shame it’s a shit album.

PS. I am not just saying this to be controversial. I tried to like it, I really tried!

2 crumbles

(totally unremarkable)

YOWICS xoxoxox

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Tearjerker – Strangers Review

There are loads of excellent bands that have come out of Toronto over the last ten to fifteen years.  Broken Social Scene, Crystal Castles and the recently re-formed Death From Above 1979 to name just a few.  But it was was by sheer chance that I happened to stumble across a little known band called Tearjerker.  They’re signed to an bona-fide indie label in T-dot called Sore Thumb Records.  Despite knowing nothing about the band or label, like many others, the striking cover art forced me to give this album a chance and I’ve yet to regret it.

As you may have seen from my last post on The Soft Moon, I like to absorb my albums before making a judgement, and this is definitely one of the better albums I heard in 2010.  Out of all the bands out there trying to nail the coldwave/chillwave/etc. sound at the moment, Tearjerker are the epitome of lo-fi indie.

Tracks like ‘Best’ and ‘Wave’ invoke the distorted, atmospheric and blissful ambiance that one would associate with a Broken Social Scene track ,but the band are not just another Canadian BSS spin off.

Tearjerker – Best

Tearjerker – Wave

‘On Purpose’ provides some much stronger basslines, beautifully crafted structure and haunting lyrics, and the band also clearly have a darker side as exhibited on sombre title track ‘Strangers’ and ‘Noah’ which includes an eerie sample which has echoes of Pink Floyd’s ‘Us and Them’.

Recently released single ‘Polar Bear’ could pass itself off on the blogsphere as a new Animal Collective track if left in more unscrupulous and dastardly hands, and after lifting you up and down like a sonic tide the album finishes on the enigmatically eupohric ‘Slip Away’.

Tearjerker – Slip Away

This album is definitely worth a listen, which you can do by clicking on the album cover above.  As I explained, these guys are old school indie and as such they operate a pay-what-you-can policy on their bandcamp site, so please do buy the album as it helps these guys make more great music and you get a bargain into the deal.  Everyones a winner! Viva la indie!!!

4 crumbles (winter fruit crumble – it won’t be the same in the summer, so enjoy it now!)

Joe xoxoxo

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Blondes Kunsthaus EU Tour Mixtape

We fuckin love Blondes okay. I wish I was in Blondes. Here is a mix by them. Expect progressive long-burning beats and loops.

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Visions of Trees – Sometimes it Kills Video

Last year some time, crumble saw Visions of Trees support Neon Indian at C.A.M.P. in Shoreditch and we wanted to have them play at our night (but couldn’t get financial support to do so!), such was the good impression they made (especially the lead singer, who is much prettier in real life). Now they have all grown up and signed to Moshi Moshi who will promote them well and crumble wishes all the best of luck to them. If the singer (don’t know your name sorry but we did chat after the Neon Indian gig!) wants to go for a drink then she can contact me any time! We will certainly be watching the band’s progress and be seeing them in London soon as they play often and have gigs coming up on March 3rd at The Macbeth on Hoxton Street. xoxoxox


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Free Blackbird Blackbird – Let’s Move on Together EP download

Free EP download from Blackbird Blackbird, who are a very nice chillwave type band that we have featured on here before. Follow the link, download, and discover something new.

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Naked and Famous – Passive Me, Aggressive You Review

I’m not much of a hater. I’ll happily help an old lady cross the street, assist a middle-aged lesbian couple lift their child’s pushchair up a flight of stairs, or even eat a hamburger prepared by a black dude… but I fucking hate the Naked and Famous.

Their album is called ‘Passive Me, Aggressive You’, which is funny, as it’s actually ‘Passively-overheard-due-to-being-overplayed-on-commercial-radio me, Aggressively-smashing-your-vintage-radio-that-you-paid-£70-for-from-a-specialist-vintage-shop-because-you-thought-it-would-make-you-look-cool-despite-the-fact-analogue-radio-is-dead you’.

Not Naked, Not Famous

''Yeah, you better be worried!''

To be fair to them they do have a few catchy songs, such as ‘Young Blood’ and ‘Punching In a Dream’, and they are from an upside down part of the world where the two biggest exports are sheep and musical comedy duos. But it isn’t the subliminal overplaying on commercial radio that offends me, or the band choosing shit names for their songs like, ‘A Wolf In Geek’s Clothing’ (ROFL).

The Naked and Famous – Young Blood

The Naked and Famous – Punching In A Dream

No, it’s a crime far more serious than that.

There’s a lovely song on the album called ‘The Sun’. It’s really good. Best track on the album. Have a listen.

The Naked and Famous – The Sun

It’s a great track. The way they’ve messed around with the vocals at the beginning, with the soft keyboards in the background accentuated with the slow build up of the drums and bass. It sounds really good. You could say familiar even. Almost as if you’ve heard the song before, but in another guise. Like about ten years ago, but with a very talented male vocalist… from Oxfordshire…with weird eyes. Penny dropped yet? Then have a listen to this.

Radiohead – Everything In It’s Right Place

That, my dear crumble readers, is called theft. Not just any old theft, but theft from St. Thomas of Yorke, patron saint of tree huggers and vegans or some shit. Did you think no one would notice?

And oh wait, those other songs, Passion Pit and MGMT. Brilliant. What a fucking rip off!

That is why I hate them, and that is why I had to write this review.

1 crumble (A turd crumble. Not suitable for human consumption, only to be thrown in Sarah Palin’s evil contorted face.)

Joe xoxoxo


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Yuck – Rubber Video NSFW

This video is really good too. Yuck are tipped to be pretty big this year after building and building and us hearing a lot but not necessarily seeing a lot last year. They are definitely one to watch.

Yuck – Rubber from Yuck on Vimeo.

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