Free Julian Assange! crumble christmas special 18th December til 4am+

15 Dec

Continuing the current trend of going to extraordinary lengths to try and prevent X Factor winner ‘Fat’ Matt Cardle from helping stuff more cocaine covered fifty pound notes into Simon Cowell’s pockets, crumble has helped organise a charity single just in time for Christmas.

Following the disgraceful and totally obvious international conspiracy the CIA has launched to keep a completely helpless white haired Australian quiet, we couldn’t think of a better cause than helping raise funds to bribe a Swedish jury not to convict Julian Assange.

We’ve managed to bring together a world famous collection of artistés, who at the drop of a hat were happy to come into the studio for us.  International stars such as, Jim’ll Mix It, Jim Westwood, DJ MC Cance and the infamous DJ 1Z!

The single ‘Free Julian Assange’ (set to Jerry Dammers ‘Free Nelson Mandela’) will be released this weekend just in time to romp home to the Christmas number one spot.  To celebrate we’ll be throwing a party down at Apples and Pears this Saturday, and we won’t be stopping till at least 4am.

Mount Kimbie – Maybes (James Blake remix)

DJ 1Z has promised to put in a very special performance, so come down and get merry before Wiki Leaks reveals where Obama likes to leave his nukes and the whole world implodes.

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