2010 according to crumble

09 Dec

So, it’s that end-of-year-lists time-of-the-year and we thought we might get involved and also give you a little preview of some things we might play at our Christmas/end-of-year show down the old Apples & Pears bar on Brick Lane next Saturday 18th December. This is going to be a very select list of the tunes which have stood out for me and for the crumble guys over a year which many have said has been lacking in good music. However, as the internet continues to dominate how we listen to music and what we listen to, the options are out there and it’s obvious that some people are still making incredible music in a ‘dead industry’. I wonder if we can even remember the stuff we listen to a month previous anymore such is the fast pace of music today but let’s have a look back over this year we called 2k10.

Early in the year we had Delorean’s Subiza released which just lived and breathed summer and beauty and magic and love and it’s definitely in my top10 albums of 2010. I will never forget the summer that could have been…

Delorean – Real Love

Another stand out track of the year was from Kitsuné signed Jamaica.

Jamaica – I Think I Like U 2 by Fantastic Plastic Mag

The most significant trend to dominate the blogosphere in 2010 was the Chillwave scene. So here are some absolute tunes that were either released or made themselves known in 2010.

Neon Indian were one of the founding fathers of chillwave and ‘Should Have Taken Acid With You’ really makes you feel that summer-daze lost America dream gaze that makes the genre so interesting.

Toro Y Moi are another of the biggest names in a small genre and their 80s synth disco feel puts you in a really happy place. ‘Minors’ is their most moving and beautiful song from debut ‘Causers Of This’. Their debut was undoubtedly one of the significant albums of 2010 for me.

Yeasayer, MGMT, Klaxons and Vampire Weekend all released pretty average studio albums compared to the likes of that which was coming from people’s bedrooms all year.

Take Baths for example. A musician through to the core, you can taste Will Weisenfeld’s heart when you listen to his music. Take ‘Hall’ for an example. The final track on Cerulean is probably his best and I will be coming back to this album again and again because it’s got a timeless innocence that only bedroom music can really create.

Another bedroom artist is Wavves’ Nathan Williams who has courted more media controversy than most of the usual suspects combined. A drugged up car crash performance at Primavera sound, a fight with Black Keys lead singer Jared, getting cliché shacked up with Beth from Best Coast and Snacks the Cat, and most recently getting arrested in Germany for carrying… surprise surprise… Marijuana. However, his raw surf punk attitude is really felt in his music which is just as carefree as his life.

‘King of the Beach’

Hot Chip made a good video and a couple of great tracks but their live performances were a bit lacking. Can’t be bothered to put their boring songs you’ve heard a million times up.

Broken Social Scene released a new album, possibly their best yet.

‘Chase Scene’

More recently, Rape Gaze/Witch House was born.

Salem – Asia (oOoOO remix)

Pantha du Prince was pretty good and this Four Tet remix is even better. ‘Stick to my Side’

Memory Tapes’ 2009 Seek Magic album was good, but crumble has been playing this Tanlines – Real Life remix by Memory Tapes on repeat at our monthly nights because it is just that good, and one of my favourite tracks of the year!

Also see Tanlines’ remix reply of Bicycle by Memory Tapes.

Love Twin Shadow’s work and he is a Movember supporter, I think. This Com Truise remix of Castles in the Snow is rather lovely.

The XX won the Mercury Music Prize, which was kinda cool, but then recently Jamie XX released this with Gil-Scott Heron:

Sleigh Bells made themselves heard with a quality album and wild live show.

Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill by morrisday

Crystal Castles released their second album and it was possibly better than their first. However, the best song they released this year might be the recently re-worked Not In Love with Robert Smith of The Cure fame.

One of my favourite songs of 2010 is Avey Tare’s solo album (Down There) opener, Laughing Heirogyphics, because it is quite simply incredible. It’s also the darkest and most depressing song on this list, but the lyrics are inspired.

Die Antwoord was pretty funny, MIA was nuts, plenty of celebs for their baps out, crumble went global, Girls got better, Justin Beiber got laid (lots of times), Christina Aguilera got a divorce, Zooey Deschanel got married to Death Cab dude, Animal Collective became the biggest band in the world, Daft Punk played on stage with Phoenix and made a film soundtrack, and nuff other people did nuff other tingzzzzzzzzzz.

Fuck Kanye West, it is not a 10.0.

Apart from countless remixes and tiny little songs from unknown artists who may never be known again, I don’t have much more music to add. Feel free to mention anything you feel I have left out, as there is plenty!

2010 was the year of the buzzband, the year of come-and-go music genres, and bloggable artists being destroyed as soon as they could gain credibility. 2010 was the year music stepped up a gear and the music industry lost control. I will try to remember it with fondness for the beautiful songs that made it a special year for music for me and the freedom and choice and accessibility that has revolutionised music as we know it.

I give 2010:

4 crumbles


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