Esben and the Witch – Electrowerks – 10th November 2010

16 Nov

Well, hasn’t crumble been busy/a lazy b*stard. We haven’t said much for ages. Partly because we’ve been having too much fun, partly because we can’t find the time and partly because of Fallout: New Vegas.

Alas, crumble has been to various gigs and events that we aren’t going to tell you about, e.g. Delphic’s mash-up party in a grotty car-park under railway arches down near London Bridge. One particular night at XOYO was so good that your distinguished author cannot remember it. Good times. More recently, I would like to thank The Quietus for giving me and a friend free tickets to see Esben and the Witch last night at Electrowerks in Islington in their Eat Your Own Ears competition.

Spooky n shit

Fat props to both dem man at The Quietus and EYOE!!

The gig was excellent of course. The band are tweaking attuned ears in the music press and they have released very little material. You can find only a handful of songs online through various tools like Hype Machine. Here is one nice song.

Esben and the Witch – About this peninsula

Therefore, one can only fathom that their reputation is being built on their live performances. Well, I can testify that this is probably the case. As an owner of the Marching Song EP, I have been listening to them for a little while and, whilst they are good on tape, they are 300% better live. Go see them if you can, they are playing at XOYO in Shoreditch soon, so you can catch them there. They will be charging much more for their gigs soon but you can expect to see a lot more of the Brighton threesome around these parts peddling their wares. They are on Matador so you can be assured that they are a quality act and that they will be getting good publicity. Keep your eyes on them, their new album is released in January 2010 and expect them to be the sound of the winter on the release of this debut longplayer.

My future wife.


I would like to mention the presentation on stage. The lead singer was magestic and powerful, like some kind of Witch haus leader, beckoning in the ethereal, ghostly and wintery sound track to the end of our year. The guitarist wore a little too colour for their asthetic but he kept his long hair over his face to maintain the mysterious image. There was also a very special little vintage amp attached to the PA through which he was playing his Peavey bass and I think this might have something to do with their sound; it was taped up with electrical tape and looked about twenty years old. That kind of exemplified the authenticity that they come from somewhere outside the known world.

Their best song of the night was Marching Song (and probably their best song full stop) but sadly I was too close to the speakers and the video came out all horrid on my poxy little camera. I will leave you with the official video for the song, which is also fantastic.

Anothing thing worth a mention are the first support act. The second are not worth mentioning (some awful emo-without-vocals affair called Gallops). Worriedaboutsatan played a beats and loops set that could stand up there with the likes of Gold Panda, Fuck Buttons and the like. Very nice stuff that I will be keeping close to my chest and waiting until I can see them again.

A piece of string (worriedaboutsatan remix) by worriedaboutsatan

We Can Make It Out (worriedaboutsatan remix) by worriedaboutsatan

I might be more excited about these than any band I have laid my hands on in the past few months. I am a sucker for beats and loops.

YOWICS xoxoxoxoxo

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