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Last Crumble…

I gave you my heart….

No thanks George, I didn’t really want it, so I threw it away. Thought you weren’t that bothered and it was just a holiday thing while we were skiing. Sorry you misunderstood me and that but I’m an ice queen didn’t you know?

Firstly, thanks to all those who came to crumble last week for my birthday! It was a reet larf and a damn good show! Lots of people came and the bar were struggling to keep people away as things were coming to a close so next month is a special treat! We will be open much later than usual, until 4am! So we are going to turn the tempo up after 12 and some guest DJs and stuff going on. Sorry for being so lazy that we hadn’t got these photos up until now. We love you all very much!

Here is Duncan’s set (or some of it) for you to have a little listen to while you take a look at some of the pictures from the night. See you all next time!

Crumble 16 October 2010 by crumblelondon

YOWICS xoxoxox

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Goose – Synrise Review

There was a time when life was simpler, I had less responsibilities and I couldn’t handle my booze.  The informative period of my life I am of course referring to are my student years.

It was during this period, 2006 to be precise, that I was introduced to the music talent of a few of cheeky chaps from Belgium.  You might remember them for their tracks ‘British Mode’ and ‘Black Gloves’ which appeared in a whole host of adverts after the release of their debut album, ‘Bring It On’ (nothing to do with the film of the same name which sees Kirsten Dunst leading a group of cheerleaders, which I coincidentally am also a fan of).

Since then Goose have been missing from the European electro scene, and it turns out whilst they have been hiding in an underground bunker somewhere in the lowlands like a bunch of Chilean miners, slowly amassing cash from advertising royalties the band have also been working on a new album, ‘Synrise’.

To quote band member Mickael Karkousse, “In some ways the album is like a soundtrack for a movie that doesn’t exist.” Indeed the album does have a very strong late 80’s sci-fi film feel to it, not unlike Vangelis’ work on Blade Runner, but with a euro house like kick.  This is particularly evident in the title track ‘Synrise’, which features vocals from Peaches and the final track on the album ‘Staring’.

Goose – Synrise

In a similar vein there also appears to be a strong disco element, embodied by ‘Bend’, which isn’t too far off sounding like Giorgio Moroder’s work on Donner Summers’ ‘I Feel Love’. The album cover by Storm Thorgerson is impressive and explains why it looks very much like a number of Pink Floyd covers. The classic rock theme doesn’t end there either; ‘Hunt’  in particular has a tangible Spinal Tap feel about it.

One criticism, however, is that the band’s vocals on the album, which despite their excellent production work, have a habit of ruining perfectly good tracks.  Just like other electronic synth dependent bands (LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip par example), you would be forgiven for thinking that Goose would never quite be able to recreate the electronic beats and rhythms that you hear on the album in a live setting; but you would be wrong. Fully aware of this failing in similar artists, the band recorded the whole album live, thus being able to recreate the atmosphere in any venue they choose, including your bedroom.

Put that all together and you get a retrospective concept album, with the band going back to the routes of house music and coming up with something a bit new, but not particularly special. There are definitely some great tunes in there, but despite having the cover of a classic, the album isn’t.

3 crumbles

Joe xoxox

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Happy Birthday!

Well well, crumble is tonight and it’s a special one. DJ, blogger and all round special-person James (YOWICS) turns 25 tonight at crumble and it’s going to be a special one with party goings on and excessive drunkenness!

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Die Antwoord – Evil Boy NSFW

I have to post this shit man: Die Antwoord, the south African mock-rap-viral sensation have done a tune with Diplo. 1) It’s rude. 2) The video is rude.

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Crystal Fighters – Star of Love album Review and Listen

Maybe we love Crystal Fighters a little too much? Maybe we don’t love them enough?

All I know is their gig on Thursday night at the recently opened XOYO in Shoreditch was superb. Something I’m sure the packed crowd who also enjoyed over 90 minutes of audio battery will agree.

Crystal Fighters @ XOYO, London 30th September 2010

They are currently embarking on a UK tour and supporting The Foals to coincide with the release of their new album ‘Star of Love’.

The album itself is a melting pot of sounds and genres that have been regular features on a blog not a million miles away from here.  Ranging from the hard hitting bass of ‘In The Summer’, to the Balearic beats of the excellent ‘Champion Sound’, whilst the incorporation of some electro house in to the mix creates interesting hybrids such as ‘Solar System’ and ‘Swallow’. In ‘Follow” and ‘Plage’ you can sense a very strong folk feel which is juxtaposed against the minimal tech of  ‘I Love London’ and the  interstellar sounds of ‘With You’. The stand out track has to be ‘Xtatic Truth’, if only for the fact its one of the few songs thats guaranteed to get me pogoing around the dancefloor at their gigs like an elated teenager. No mean feat, trust me.

The band’s use of authentic Basque folk instruments such as the txalaparta on ‘I Do This Everyday’ is commendable but may feel like a gimmick. They may have even have introduced the world to ‘Basque Beat’, but they could also be described as the Spanish Klaxons and they won’t want to be labelled with any labels like Nu Rave 2.0. Better to lump the band with other great Spanish breakthroughs of late, such as Delorean and El Guincho, who have all cottoned onto the UK music scene and produced distinctive and yet familiar records that are internationally appreciated.

All in all many may be put off by the seemingly haphazard conjoining of many elements from a plethora of genres and sub-genres.  But don’t be hasty to judge, as underpinning the whole album is a thoughtful use of layering and construction. The arrangement of the album could probably do with some tweaking as, at times, it seems to have little in the way of a confluent course, but on the whole the amount of creativity and energy in the album overwhelms most of it’s weaknesses. What we have here is a really special fusion of different sounds and styles which in itself makes it a bit of a one off. My advice would be to drop the definitions and just enjoy the album as it comes.

4 rhubard crumbles (not to all tastes)

The album is released today and you can listen to it free of charge here

… then buy it!

Joe xoxox

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El Guincho – Bombay Video, Pop Negro review

Okay, I’m not exaggerating but this video is probably one of the best music videos I have seen in years. It has great vintage shots of people having fun on bikes, smashing stuff, eating sweets, crazy shit, girls kissing, girls with their tops off, great vintage / indie tits and some shots of El Guincho himself. We saw him not long ago at The Lexington, Islington, London and the gig was great; high energy, loads of dancing, not stop beats and a great performance from an artist so talented he can play 3-5 instruments at any one time. What he does in the video is nothing compared to him live on stage. Luckily you can go buy the album, Pop Negro, and then you can see him at Cargo, Shoreditch on November 4th for only £9.50!!! I dare you to miss out.

El Guincho – Bombay – Pop Negro (Young Turks)

Album Review: Pop Negro

For those of you who don’t know El Guincho, he is the third best things to come out of Spain in the past five years (after Crystal Fighters and Delorean) and he mixes beats and loops into a circus frenzy of latino house-pop. Listen to the entire album here from Soundcloud for free below. It’s excellent. As lively and energetic and gloriously happy as Alegranza was, this album has a more distinctly Spanish feel and almost feels a little less original then his debut. However, the first album suffered from a lack of variety and this album more than makes up for it. El Guincho’s EP released between the albums, Piratas de Sudamerica, which was a homage to South American latin classics, has clearly had an affect on his once-compared-to-Panda-Bear sound and I am not sure whether he has become more or less distinct. There is still very little out there that so effectively blends contemporary indie, dance music and latin/flamenco influences.
YT047 – El Guincho – Pop Negro by Young Turks

4 crumbles

YOWICS xoxox

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