26 Sep

The last crumble on 18th September went well, thank you very much. Everyone enjoyed the new upstair DJing and improved ambience. A really lovely night. More on that, and next crumble, later.

Today I want to go deeper than this is good and this is bad. I want to celebrate temporarity. Yes, love never lasts, everybody dies, all good things must come to an end. Well the same can be said for music. You either try to stay relevant or you look for something permanent. One John Peel could be the former, celebrating the fact that there are many a great new band out at any moment and you don’t need to keep harping on about Pink Floyd. The latter, the antiquarian, will say “oh, no one will ever make an album better than the white album” or “everything is just a copy of something done before”. The latter group of people miss the point.

Chillwave is the perfect example of this phenomenon, and will not be with us long. Indeed, as the cold weather comes I already feel less Toro Y Moi and more Baths. So, whilst it’s here let’s celebrate what is a fantastic form of music without irony and without cliché and without anyone mentioning ‘hipster’ or the ‘dickhead’ song from Youtube.

Neon Canyon – Libra

Less chillwave, more dark ethereal electronica with lo-fi beats. Not to be brushed aside.

Memoryhouse – Lately (Douxieme)

Glo-fi loops echo in the background with the subtlest of kick drum sounding out a pace to this slow moving female vocal song. The vocals move in tides. This definately feels like the sea and although the vocals are clear and distinct it’s definately on the verge of chillwave.

Blackbird Blackbird – Starlight feat. Steffaloo

You will find it difficult to find this band outside of hype machine and mixtapes. The kick drum keeps a slightly higher pace and Staffaloo (I presume) wails and echos all over the subtle synth soundtrack in the background. Music to kiss girls by.

Twin Shadow – Slow

This song is big hit on the chillwave circuit, and rightly so! It’s an absolute classic. It sounds like the Smiths in guitar and in vocal and that’s not a bad thing. It doesn’t have the lyrical genius of Morrissey but the lo-wave beat flops along underneath a blistering chorus of “I don’t wanna, be, believe, in love!” which should be a lot louder and in your face than it is; thus is the beautiful subtlety of this track. The album is fantastic, but this and Castles in the Snow are the hits.

Baths – Hall

The ultimate track from an album I cannot stop listening to. I listen to it approximately 1.75 times per day at present and continue to love it more and more each time. Beautiful beat driven, lush soundscapes created from the lonely places in your brain that you only go to alone or when it’s beautiful outside and you don’t mind the sharp chill of the coming winter breeze.

Small Black – Despicable Dogs (Washed Out remix)

Probably featured before, but the quintessential chillwave hit. Washed Out are chillwave by name and nature and they have remixed a fellow chillwave band to the point where it’s almost cliché. Nevertheless, it’s an absolute tune!

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