Baths – Cerulean

01 Sep

So, I have been riding some real chillwaves lately in the work department. Working like 4-11 hours per week. It means I am pretty skint and all but it’s all chill when you come home at 2pm and make some beans on toast and then Kiki’s Delivery Service is on ready waiting for you on Film4. I love Studio Ghibli. I could literally sit there all day watching them, but I hadn’t seen Kiki’s Delivery Service until today. And, what, low and behold, the great Baths album Cerulean which I have been listening to for ages now, has sampled some of the lines from the film in the song below, Seaside Town.

Now, it appears that the song isn’t supposed to be on the album so I don’t know how I got it. Nevertheless, the other songs on the album are great too, so you should go buy it. It’s stuck somewhere between dubstep of the mellow Burial kind and chillwave of the Toro Y Moi beach-surf kind. it’s basically beats and loops put together in an odd fashion, such that it takes a few listens to get used to, but once you do this album is worth some time set aside. Although technically not the greatest achievement of music this century, the album is relaxing, the melodies are beautiful and it’s got something that not many of the albums I listen to these days have: longevity.

5 crumbles!

YOWICS xoxox

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