25 Aug

I have been listening to the new Baths longplayer Cerulean for a while now and it’s a quality album. So here is the video for his latest, Lovely Blood. WordPress doesn’t like to let me link up Pitchfork videos and they seem to be the only place with said video, so I am just going to have to link you up. In brief, it features a Samurai getting his soul sucked out of him by some forest nymph/demons. Sound up your street? It should be.

Baths – Lovely Bloodflow

Ratatat’s LP4 is also a main stay of my playlist when I DJ and Ratatat back at their best, so here is the video for Drugs (which is an absolute tune!). It features some really weird lookin people (all American freakshows) doing some pretty weird things, and finally getting disappointed.

This is pretty old now but it’s very, very good! I think it’s the radio edit but there is even a bit of nipple in the video! Bonus!

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