24 Jun

Well, lucky souls that you are, I trust the good news reaches you in earnest! Micachu and Raisa of The Shapes will be our honoured guests on 3rd July when the crumble residents James and Dunc will be warming you up with their summer sundaze mix (believe!) Mario and Luigi style, as well as the latest and greatest of mind boggling tunes that have been creaking their way into the said pair’s welcoming ear drums.

Moreover, here is a little stinky preview of the dirty shit that is going to get you daggerin’ on the dancefloor come that glorious first Saturday of July.

Micachu and The Shapes – Vulture is the opening track on Jewellery (Rough Trade 2009) if you haven’t got that album then you need it, it is truly one of the seminal works of 2009 in my most humble opinion!

Micachu has a history of working with grime artists and she shows her routes on this great hip hop track from Ghost Poet, Morning. Big shout out to the mention of Coventry (my home town, not proud of it!) in this song!

She also worked with the Mercury Music Prize winning Speech Debelle on one of the best tracks on her fantastic album, Better Days.

This remix of Lips by Astronomer is pretty much incredible.

Same song remixed by We Have Band (I think there has been a MixxxxOfffffff because there is a Micachu remix of Oh! somewhere if you can find it!)

And big fans of Metronomy that we are Micachu’s bizarre remix of Radio Ladio had to feature

Mica in the middle and Raisa on the left!

I think that should bring you up to speed on the talent that is Mica Levi, but there is nothing better than the real thing, as they say, so get yourself down to crumble on Saturday 3rd July. From 7pm we will be playing some of the best music you will hear anywhere in London and it’s going to get messy later. This is still a free event so you better not miss out, I’m just warning you…

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