31 May

We haven’t heard much from crumble in the last few days. Crumble apologises. Crumble has been busy at work on the streets of London meeting people and spreading the good word. Crumble hopes you had a wonderful bank holiday whether that was basking in the sunshine for brief moments when it reared it’s cowardly head or whether you were basking in the bass waves being generated by diplo and rusko at Bugged Out in Southwark.

I here have proof that diplo is a bona fide genius. He is constantly doing something different with music and Major Lazer is one of the most original projects to come out of dance music in the past few years.

Furthermore, Major Lazer has released a rudy bizzle mix tape with La Roux called Lazerproof. It’s a kind of dancehall rework of La Roux’s debut album which I know we are all well and truly sick to death of. You can download it for free from the Mad Decent website (diplo’s forward thinking music label). Check out the Mad Decent website too, there are some great bands signed to them that just make you wonder where diplo finds these people: Example:

Check out Toadally Krossed Out, a pretty funny little electro house act who I think we will be seeing more of as their popularity grows.

Buraka Som Sistema – IC19 (Toadally Krossed Out Remix)

You can always find more good shit like that on our favourties list on hype machine.

So there you have it, downloads and entertainment in one short read!

Remember, crumble is this Saturday and we have two special guest DJs to be announced very shortly!!! xoxoxo

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