Neon Indian + Visions of Trees 20/05/2010

23 May

Well, after whinging about not seeing Sleigh Bells on Tuesday/Wednesday night (I forget!) Team crumble went to Shoreditch to see another band I love. Neon Indian were playing at C.A.M.P. on City Road near Old Street. Advertised as £7.50 became £9 on the door but down in the smelly basement of this cafe-cum-bar the 300 capacity venue made for a great Thursday night.

Neon Indian – Should’ve taken acid with you

There was a first support not mentioned in the subject, but I did not find out their name and as I had no notepad or anything with me I knew from the start that I was going to be doing this from memory so forgive indiscrepancy/exaggeration. However, this first band, if you care to do the research I am too lazy to do, were pretty good. Sounding like a less apocalyptic version of Fuck Buttons, but with less melody at the same time, they were thouroughly enjoyable to watch pressing their various buttons and switches creations beats and loops that were very interesting.

The second band, Visions of Trees, appeared something like Crystal Castles with the dude on the buttons synethising some nice beats and backing tracks that weren’t as distinctive as Crystal Castles or similar bands but had more groove. The highlight of the band was the singer who was mesmerisingly attractive, like a younger and less tattooed Alexis Krauss (see Sleigh Bells below). She waved her arms and moved with confidence in front of the small crowd; even when some douchetard thought he would run infront of her in some baggy hippy shorts and lunge a bit (ps. it wasn’t funny, just weird). The vocals could have used some filters or something to couple itself to the production work, but overall they were a consumate acts and we may see them at a crumble near you soon.

Neon Indian of course, the main event, were fantastic. The sound in the club wasn’t perfect but the lo-fi quality of Neon Indians spaced out Wild West beats and warbles filled the room. With a stripey shirt, waistcoat and massive curly hair I knew it was the frontman when he stood in front of my in the toilet pissing, but I didn’t get the chance to speak to the distinctive Ronald Geirhart. However, on stage, the presence was great and the music fantastic. Sounding like Daft Punk if they were in the 70s future (Buck Rogers?), the band didn’t stop between songs but filled in with loops and samples and noise that kept the crowd involved and left my friends confused as to what was the start and end of a song. The sign of a quality act is the ability to improve your live show somewhat (see Animal Collective live).

We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

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