Woe as deep as a dish of Sarah Brown’s plum pudding

10 May

We at crumble must apologise. Our activity on the blogosphere has been much maligned in the press*, and rightly so!

“the absence of crumble from the internet has almost brought the internet to a stand still thus further threatening the economic future of the world” – Barack Obama, President of the USA

“frankly, I keep checking it in the vain hope that I will get my new music fix but I am quickly becoming disillusioned with this pebble-dash blogging” – Charlie Brooker, The Guardian

So, we are apologising to the world media. While we have been busy with various endeavours (a certain politically oriented member of the crumble team and a certain girl-oriented member of the crumble team have been otherwise engaged), we have not been providing any kind of music fix. Alas, the photos from the last crumble event on May 1st have not even appeared on here at all due to the camera crew neglecting to download the pictures onto local hard disk drives. And again, we can only apologise for these oversights.

However, all is not lost.

This Saturday is crumble once more! Wah-hey!

We have the lovely Paul Richards of Scared to Dance fame coming to play his selection of indie pop, post-punk, C86, jangle pop, Sarah, Postcard, new wave and protopunk; which, I think (once you wikipedia all of the genres) you will agree will be a sexy little change for crumble. Us residents will still be playing the newest tunes we can find, but we might throw in a few old indie classics to change things up this week.

I will update you this week with some of the latest happenings in the happening world of music, and stuff we gon’ play at the weekend. Adieu!

* crumble cannot be held responsible for any errors in quotation, citation or representation of any form.

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