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We haven’t heard much from crumble in the last few days. Crumble apologises. Crumble has been busy at work on the streets of London meeting people and spreading the good word. Crumble hopes you had a wonderful bank holiday whether that was basking in the sunshine for brief moments when it reared it’s cowardly head or whether you were basking in the bass waves being generated by diplo and rusko at Bugged Out in Southwark.

I here have proof that diplo is a bona fide genius. He is constantly doing something different with music and Major Lazer is one of the most original projects to come out of dance music in the past few years.

Furthermore, Major Lazer has released a rudy bizzle mix tape with La Roux called Lazerproof. It’s a kind of dancehall rework of La Roux’s debut album which I know we are all well and truly sick to death of. You can download it for free from the Mad Decent website (diplo’s forward thinking music label). Check out the Mad Decent website too, there are some great bands signed to them that just make you wonder where diplo finds these people: Example:

Check out Toadally Krossed Out, a pretty funny little electro house act who I think we will be seeing more of as their popularity grows.

Buraka Som Sistema – IC19 (Toadally Krossed Out Remix)

You can always find more good shit like that on our favourties list on hype machine.

So there you have it, downloads and entertainment in one short read!

Remember, crumble is this Saturday and we have two special guest DJs to be announced very shortly!!! xoxoxo

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News and Celebrity Gossip!

Isn’t it weird how Brittany Murphy’s husband died 5 months after her in the same place. They say it was cardiac arrest but maybe he just wanted to be with her!!

Oh, sorry, I went off topic there.
News of the day is, crumble is going monthly. This means more stuff, because 2 + 2 = 5. So if we smush two big crumbles together then you get a huge crumble that is more than the sum of its parts! We are looking for bands and DJs to come down and play future dates and are already working on bringing some really exciting people down in July.

For the coming month, you can get your new music party fix on 5th June! Tell you friends, tell the world. It’s probably the best new thing happening around Brick Lane, since everything else is spaff. We can’t guarantee Michael Bublé dropping in but we can guarantee good music, cool surroundings and lovely beautiful people.

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Neon Indian + Visions of Trees 20/05/2010

Well, after whinging about not seeing Sleigh Bells on Tuesday/Wednesday night (I forget!) Team crumble went to Shoreditch to see another band I love. Neon Indian were playing at C.A.M.P. on City Road near Old Street. Advertised as £7.50 became £9 on the door but down in the smelly basement of this cafe-cum-bar the 300 capacity venue made for a great Thursday night.

Neon Indian – Should’ve taken acid with you

There was a first support not mentioned in the subject, but I did not find out their name and as I had no notepad or anything with me I knew from the start that I was going to be doing this from memory so forgive indiscrepancy/exaggeration. However, this first band, if you care to do the research I am too lazy to do, were pretty good. Sounding like a less apocalyptic version of Fuck Buttons, but with less melody at the same time, they were thouroughly enjoyable to watch pressing their various buttons and switches creations beats and loops that were very interesting.

The second band, Visions of Trees, appeared something like Crystal Castles with the dude on the buttons synethising some nice beats and backing tracks that weren’t as distinctive as Crystal Castles or similar bands but had more groove. The highlight of the band was the singer who was mesmerisingly attractive, like a younger and less tattooed Alexis Krauss (see Sleigh Bells below). She waved her arms and moved with confidence in front of the small crowd; even when some douchetard thought he would run infront of her in some baggy hippy shorts and lunge a bit (ps. it wasn’t funny, just weird). The vocals could have used some filters or something to couple itself to the production work, but overall they were a consumate acts and we may see them at a crumble near you soon.

Neon Indian of course, the main event, were fantastic. The sound in the club wasn’t perfect but the lo-fi quality of Neon Indians spaced out Wild West beats and warbles filled the room. With a stripey shirt, waistcoat and massive curly hair I knew it was the frontman when he stood in front of my in the toilet pissing, but I didn’t get the chance to speak to the distinctive Ronald Geirhart. However, on stage, the presence was great and the music fantastic. Sounding like Daft Punk if they were in the 70s future (Buck Rogers?), the band didn’t stop between songs but filled in with loops and samples and noise that kept the crowd involved and left my friends confused as to what was the start and end of a song. The sign of a quality act is the ability to improve your live show somewhat (see Animal Collective live).

We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

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Sleigh Bells

Tonight there is a gig I am not going to. I am very, very disappointed. The excuses are not good enough. Sleigh Bells are about to rock your world and you need to go buy their album.

The singer is very attractive and has a nice style to herself. They aren’t as crazy as Crystal Castles but the music is loud and massive enough that it could go down at the gig like a Crystal Castles gig. The reason I compare them to Crystal Castles is that they are an American duo with a music dude and a female vocalist, but musically they only bare minor semblance in the treatment of their samples.


A/B Machines

Rill Rill (or Ring Ring on the EP)

Crown on the Ground


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I can’t see myself having time to do you a pre-crumble post this week so we will just link you up to all the good shit we play on Saturday for those who attend to check out and for those who sadly can’t make it to regret.

Tonight we are going up Pure Groove to see some Kitsuné dude and make some friends.

Pure Groove in-store

It’s a great record store where you should go buy lots of records and they put on good gigs too. One of which I don’t actually want to tell you about because it’s sold out and I want to go and get tickets on the door if I can and if you go too then I will have to elbow your face out of the way to get me dem tickets. Whut! However, if you follow the link you will see Born Ruffians are playing to 100 people in Stoke Newington. Rewd!

Born Ruffians – Sole Brother

From their new album on shelves soon!

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Woe as deep as a dish of Sarah Brown’s plum pudding

We at crumble must apologise. Our activity on the blogosphere has been much maligned in the press*, and rightly so!

“the absence of crumble from the internet has almost brought the internet to a stand still thus further threatening the economic future of the world” – Barack Obama, President of the USA

“frankly, I keep checking it in the vain hope that I will get my new music fix but I am quickly becoming disillusioned with this pebble-dash blogging” – Charlie Brooker, The Guardian

So, we are apologising to the world media. While we have been busy with various endeavours (a certain politically oriented member of the crumble team and a certain girl-oriented member of the crumble team have been otherwise engaged), we have not been providing any kind of music fix. Alas, the photos from the last crumble event on May 1st have not even appeared on here at all due to the camera crew neglecting to download the pictures onto local hard disk drives. And again, we can only apologise for these oversights.

However, all is not lost.

This Saturday is crumble once more! Wah-hey!

We have the lovely Paul Richards of Scared to Dance fame coming to play his selection of indie pop, post-punk, C86, jangle pop, Sarah, Postcard, new wave and protopunk; which, I think (once you wikipedia all of the genres) you will agree will be a sexy little change for crumble. Us residents will still be playing the newest tunes we can find, but we might throw in a few old indie classics to change things up this week.

I will update you this week with some of the latest happenings in the happening world of music, and stuff we gon’ play at the weekend. Adieu!

* crumble cannot be held responsible for any errors in quotation, citation or representation of any form.

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