06 Apr

Well, of course, as had been well documented now, the American Apparel rummage sale was a huge success; so much so that I didn’t go. Everyone has seen the youtube videos I am sure, but for those who haven’t here is one of the closest videos on Youtube of the frivolities

I went to the Thursday jumble sale which was quite busy, but people queued rationally and there was free beer of which I took my fill and then me and a friend shared a bag of crappy clothes that we will likely never wear as it is all dog shit.

Then I met a girl and went down to the American Apparel sale which was pretty busy when I got there. The queue went from about 4-5 people thick to 6-7 people thick whilst I was on the phone trying to meet up with said girl as everyone had just started pushing. I went to investigate why girls kept screaming and people were climbing lamp posts etc to see what was going on at the entrance and found a road block of people waiting for it to open. At one point I saw them try to open the door and after the crowd surged back he quickly realised he wasn’t getting that door open. At this point I turned to my companion and asked “do you really care that much?” She inevitably replied no and so we went for coffee and croissant at a cafe and spent a few hours together, which was a whole lot better than getting beaten up by the police looks.

The rest of the weekend decended into a drunken uncoordinated and unstructured mess that went no where and did nothing.

I failed to go to the Kitsune/Neon Noise Project night at Heaven as planned and wonder if anyone reading this went, and how it was. Overall a fun weekend but insignificant.

Sadly, the best music I have heard over the weekend has been on the VIVA Top 40. See Rihanna’s surprisingly good new song ‘Rude Boy’.

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