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Crystal Fighters mixtape

Well, I have just found, downloaded and destroyed my speakers with this mix I just found from our favourite Basque Electroengineers, Crystal Fighters. The mix is rude. Download it and fuckin get it on.

The crazy bastards are in London this Easter sunday at the huge Neon Noise Project/Kitsune mash up at Heaven and I intend to be there to hassle them until they DJ at crumble for nothing.

No more early bird tickets left. Argh!

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Launch Night

Hello everyone!

Thanks to all those who came to Apples and Pears on Saturday. We have some photos uploaded to Photobucket for you to look at as well as putting them on facebook.

We had a really good time and hope that you did so come down next time as we will be there on the first and third Saturday of every month henceforth.

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First night imminent

Okay so Crumble launches tomorrow and I am so excited I might turtle poke! I have a set list coming together nicely and am going to be cutting some songs loose from it soon. Fingers crossed it all goes well what with my fractured arm and everything.

And at the last minute a band has totally grabbed my attention, and will have to feature heavily in my electronica stuff later on: Delorean have been on the mix circuit for a little while with some amazing blissed out mixes like their lovely and completely reworked version of the xx’s Islands.

The xx – Islands (Delorean remix)

Now they have released their debut album Sebiza and it is fantastic. Check out Pitchfork’s Best New Track “Stay Close” – it is audibly beauty.

Delorean – Stay Close

We hope to see you at Apples and Pears on Osborne Street (that’s basically Brick Lane) where we will be from 7pm til 1am tomorrow Saturday 27th March.

Much love.


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Has anyone else noticed the internet (esp. Twitter) explode about this tune. It’s good, but I’m not sure it’s their best work. I will have to get my dirty hands on the new ep “Domino (Spares of Romborama) pt 2” very soon though.

Beetroots are quite the sensation at the moment aren’t they!

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I Feel Better

Okay so Hot Chip’s new album isn’t so new, and neither is this song. However, it is already an absolute anthem, and Crumble fuckin’ loves it. This video, however, IS new, and it’s fuckin brilliant too.

This remix is also a nice take for those of you looking for a slightly heavier, different version of the song.

I Feel Better (Dancing Robot Music Remix)

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Fang Island

My favourite new band?


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We like

I have to say that this is an incredible song and video from a band whose album I can’t wait to hear but I can’t link it from this god damn thing to Pitchfork

Also, I have heard an excellent remix of the new Tunng song, remixed by Bloc Party although you would never know it was either of them from the sounds of it:

Tunng – Hustle (Bloc Pary Remix)

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